The Divine Initiate

If he cannot find religious truth, he will take religious error rather than no religion,  and will accept the crudest and most incongruous ideals rather than admit that the ideal is nonexistent  -Annie Besant

Comparative mythologists contend that religious origins take root in ignorance of man.  And that religious doctrine is the best guesses of barbarous or primitive commoners regarding themselves and the nature of their surroundings. Religious Mythologists on the other hand consider  all religions originate from the teachings of Divine Men who give to the nations of our world, the fundamental teachings of which the masses are capable of handling.  While the roots of religion can be debated, most theologians can agree that religions are the branches from the trunk, known as “Divine Wisdom”.  (The word Divine takes it’s roots from the grape plant. It was in relation to wine, and it’s significance as a core blessing found in multiple relgions. It is said that when talking about wine, one would say, “The wine comes from the vine, or da vine’”. Thus the sacred drink was divine)

                The Divine Wisdom is spoken of as wisdom, gnosis, Sophia (the greek word for wisdom  or the Theosophia. The wisdom religions have a unique view of their founding fathers. They allege, judging by the successful records of their teachings,  were far above the average level of humanity, and that the scriptures contain moral concepts, sublime ideals, and profound  philosophical  texts. The followers  view these texts far and above any writing in the modern age in the same religions—that is, the old is higher than the new, instead of the new being a higher evolution of an old idea.

 Following these beliefs it would, we see that man in his infancy was not left alone to grow up without guidance or left untrained. Man has relied on its elders,  to guide, nurture, and lead the religions and civilization on up to where we are today. The problem that every religion must deal with is the wide gap between the highly evolved and the degenerates of society.  In one place there exists the most highly developed while in another demo there exists the simple or crude.  And even within a single civilization there exists the most educated and the profound ignorant. However, in order for the religion to be successful ALL men, no matter their stage of development, MUST BE REACHED.

 Here lies the biggest obstacle; an area religions must come face to face with the position that we cannot have one and the same religious teachings for all, not even among the same nations, civilizations, or the whole world. If there exists only one teaching, then a vast portion of this world would escape the teachings and influence of this religion. If it’s teachings are made suitable for those of lesser brain power, then those who have the great minds and are at the forefront of civilization’s evolution will not be reached and as a result all of those who make up their society will be effected and the civilization’s progress may cease to prosper. This is because religions greatest objective is to increase the human development by filling in the gap that man has with the Divine presence.

And as a result of these profound problems the esoteric teachings have arisen.  It is amongst this class of individuals the understanding that “knowledge is power”. The esoteric teachings can be preached without any hesitation at all, because it doesn’t attract the ignorant. They see it as dry and uninteresting. In these esoteric teachings there are explanations on natural laws and hidden forces that shine light on the hidden processes that guide our universe. These lights guide the initiate on a journey that makes the individual or group feel as though it is a path they were meant to take. It feels natural.  Such knowledge may be very useful to the highly developed men, and may increase their power to serve and contribute to the advancement of the human race. However if this knowledge were made available to everyone in the human race, there would be those who would misuse this power, just as the Borgias, during the Middle Ages, misused various potions that had poisonous properties against their fellow man.

The following ideas are some of the most important the initiate can adhere to, because they possess within their self a very powerful and vital responsibility, they themselves chose by seeking knowledge.  There will be a time along the way, that the initiate can himself become a luciferian, that is, a light bringer, otherwise known as a teacher for those who wish to start or continue their journey.  The necessity and responsibility of withholding certain teachings from those who, morally or developmentally, are yet to be refined or unfit to possess such teachings.  This becomes the most pressing issue of the LuciferTO WHOM DO THEY IMPART SUCH KNOWLEDGE.   It is in the best interest of every individual, entity, or universe involved, to evoke the knowledge to those who will use the power of esoteric knowledge in a way that best serves the evolution of man in a positive nature. 


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