Articles and Links Christmas 2015

Nothing Says celebrating Christmas better than education of why we celebrate this day. So in honor of the reBIRTH of our lord and savior and Holy Sun in the Heavens I have decided to post some good links.






From The Divine Eye Site:

Coast to Coast AM 



Do We Need God to be Good?

An anthropologist considers the evidence

C.R. Hallpike

Energizing Love

Achieving Abundant Life using the Source of All Energy, UILE

Phil Philosofree Cheney

Why the Gospel of Thomas Matters

the Spirituality of Incertainties

Gethin Abraham-Williams

Christian Animism

Shawn Sanford Beck

Different Way, A

A human approach to the divine

Roger Payne

Little Book of Unknowing, A

Jennifer Kavanagh

Treasure Beneath the Hearth

Myth, Gospel and Spirituality Today

Edward Walker

Dreams and Resurrection

On Immortal Selves, Psychedelics, and Christianity

Jack Call


The Gospel of ThomasNov 24 2015By Gethin Abraham-Williams WHEN THE GOSPEL of Thomas was discovered at Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt in the middle of the last century, it led to a flurry of academic interest and Biblical research. …

Fragile Ornaments, Melting Snowflakes and the Healing Light of ChristmasNov 21 2015A popular Christmas song says the season of Christmas is the “very best time of year.” Why then are our emotions often fragile at Christmas, unlike any other time of the year? Though the holiday i…

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light, by Sharon Kay CaseyOct 26 2015In the Light, Being the Light Some of the conversions I have had concerning Heaven, ranges from, “So what does it feel like to be enlightened?”  Then there’s, “I want to have an experience…

The Quaker Way, Rex AmblerOct 19 2015Action When Friends are challenged by a situation that concerns them and they have checked out their motivation for getting involved, when they have sought to understand what is really happening th…

Energizing Love by Phil CheneySep 14 2015You are pure energy! Seriously. Everything, all matter, is made up of energy. Energy is involved in every beat of your heart, every breath you take. Energy exists in many forms. Energy can have …

Coming Soon to Circle BooksAug 27 2015Publishing October2015 Clouds of  Heaven Beings of Light How does one describe the indescribable?  With trust, the words will come to paint a faint image of that which lives and dwells in u…

Christian Devotionals 2: God CallingAug 20 2015Christian devotional literature, also known as devotionals, is religious writing that is neither doctrinal nor theological, but designed for individuals to read for their personal edification and�…

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Bible Prophecy Website Ministries

  • Raptureready (Todd Strandberg and Terry James have the top website on rapture and premillennial end time theology – check out the world famous rapture index)
  • Prophecy Central (a world of info about Bible prophecy – site offers a free biblically sound ebook of end time events “Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be Done”)
  • Pre-Trib Research Center (Tim Lahaye is the founder of this outstanding archive of articles from premillennial Bible teachers and Dr. Thomas Ice is now its executive director. Dr. Ice is arguably the best premillennial Bible prophecy teacher alive today. His articles are archived here)
  • (The Blogs of Bill Salus author of “ISRALESTINE” The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East (Bill’s theories are questionable)
  • Eschatology Today (Sean Osborne’s blog for all things from a pre-Tribulation Harpazo and Evangelical Christian perspective)
  • Prophecy Today (Jimmy DeYoung examining current events in the light of God’s prophetic word)
  • ConcerningTheTimes (information concerning the end times before the Day of the Lord)
  • Prophecy Forum Website Ministries – Biblical Prophecy and Eschatology Studies – (Good commentaries and links that will aid in the study Bible prophecy)
  • Rapture Forums (Join in with this interactive community awaiting the return of Christ – Bible prophecy, forums, chat, and some really good unique articles)
  • The Ignorant fisherman (There is nothing ignorant about this fisherman, this blog has well written articles on complex issues within Bible prophecy)
  • Hal Lindsey (listen to Hal’s TV report. This top Bible prophecy teacher will certainly keep you up to date on world events and Bible prophecy)
  • Jack Van Impe (The top Bible prophecy TV program in the world – I have problems with some of the sources that Jack uses to support his dating conjectures, but he also says many true things that the politically correct will not)
  • (The late Jack Kinsella’s intelligence digest website)
  • Who’s who in Bible Prophecy (A list of The good and bad apples and why (I think there should be more bad apples among those that are listed)
  • SW Radio Church (Interesting daily program on end time prophecy, world trends, and apostasy in the church (I do not agree with a lot of what is said on the broadcast)

Christian Apologetics and Biblical Discernment Websites Ministries

  • Proclaiming the Gospel (Mike Gendron explains biblical truths about and to Roman Catholics – Mike is an evangelist who speaks where invited)
  • Stand up for the Truth (A discernment website that looks very well done and it appears to me that they are indeed standing up for the truth)
  • Berean Call (Founded by the late great Dave Hunt – Now led by T.A. McMahon – apologetics, discernment and end time prophecy)
  • Herescope – Discernment Research Group – Cutting edge articles revealing heresies and false teachings affecting the Church today
  • Apprising (The late Rev Ken Silva’s ministry is apprising cults and heretical church leaders and the apostasy they have introduced into Christianity)
  • Forgotten Word Ministries (Evangelist Bob Wise is a watchman who’s main ministry is to expose teachers and teaching that depart from the gospel of Jesus Christ)
  • Unpreterist Blog (A blog by a former full preterist that now disputes hyper preterism)
  • Spiritual Research Network or SRN (Chris Lawson’s independent outreach that is committed to the Integrity of God’s word)
  • Lighthouse Trails Research Project (exposing the dangers of contemplative spirituality)
  • Understandthetimes (international Missionary Outreach dedicated to Evangelizing the lost and Equipping the Church for end time biblical discernment)
  • Last Days Watchman (Apologetics ministry that Informs, warns and alerts believers about heresy, apostate church, ecumenicalism, atheism and evolutionary teaching)
  • Living Waters (Ray Comfort’s website wishes to inspire in every Christian a God-glorifying passion to fulfill the great commission – The way of the Master series)
  • Critical Issues Commentary (this excellent discernment and teaching ministry grew out of Pastor Bob DeWaay’s passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry)
  • Let Us Reason Ministries (a very comprehensive discernment and apologetics website that exposes modern heretical teachings and teachers)
  • Saints Alive (Ed Decker’s counter cult ministry with extensive expertise on Mormonism)
  • Discernment-ministries Inc. (a ministry that takes issue with the mega church dominionist and prosperity teachers that have hijacked much of Christianity)
  • Paul Proctor biblically speaking (an archive of Paul’s many unpolitically correct articles on issues of biblical discernment and emerging postmodern Christianity)
  • My Word Like Fire (a discernment blog initially dealing with A.A. and its influence on postmodern Christianity and New Age)
  • Alpha and Omega Ministries (“Check out the” Dividing Line” broadcast with James White – lively debates – I might not agree with some of his reformed views)
  • Apologetics index (a comprehensive alphabetical archive for researching information on cults, Christian sects, Christian movements and their leaders)
  • Walter Martin organization (a good counter-cult archive and apologetics ministry carried on by the relatives of the late great Dr. Walter Martin)
  • Answers In Genesis (a very popular creation science Christian apologetics website with well known speaker and teacher Ken Ham as well as others)
  • Institute for Creation Research (a creation science website that explains why the theories of evolution and gradualism are junk science and based on modern myths)

Forums and Blogs on Bible Prophecy and issues of Biblical Discernment

  • Rapture Ready message board forums (a very active bulletin board forum with over 10,000 active members. It has many different categories and treads)
  • Divine Intervention forum (Christian forum mostly on current news and Christian fellowship)
  • Living Journey (a blog that will take you on a journey covering many current topics)
  • (this site contains a active bulletin board forum for discussing many different Christian topics – click on Jesus picture to enter the forum)
  • Rapture forums (another very active bulletin board forum discussing many end time subjects)
  • Zolaboard (discussions on many biblical topics)

Comprehensive Premillennial Christian Teaching Ministries

  • Grace to You (the uncompromising and comprehensive biblical teaching of John Mac Arthur – He has one of the top long standing teaching ministries in Christianity)
  • The Word for Today (The teaching of the late Chuck Smith the father of the huge Calvary Chapel movement)
  • (this amazing teaching website offers comprehensive Christian studies – this ministry is an excellent source for Christian theology and apologetics)
  • In (Dr. Charles Stanley for decades has soundly explained Christian theology and has faithfully taught the only true path to salvation)
  • CSN International (Christian radio network – where God’s word is heard)
  • His Channel TV (I have not checked this out but I believe the usual TV heretics are absent)

Christian News Websites and other Ministries That Discern These Prophetic Years

  • WorldViewWeekend (With Brannon Howse and many others – Discerning articles, audio’s and videos about current issues in the world and in Christendom from a Christian biblical worldview)
  • Point of View (defending faith family and freedom)
  • WorldNetDaily (Popular alternative Christian news and views service)
  • Bill Koenig’s – World Watch Daily (alternative Christian news service with links to articles on world current events, church trends and prophecy)

Reference Websites

  • E-Sword (free Bible search software with publication modules in the public domain – you can also find my Revelation Commentary module from this site)
  • Online Bible (free off-line Bible search software – there is also an archive of free Bibles and Bible commentaries for download)
  • (free audio archive downloads of many well known Christian radio ministries)
  • Blue Letter Bible (written and audio commentaries that explain every verse in the Bible)
  • Wesley Center Online (large outstanding selection of ancient non-canonical literature)

The Prophetic Years | Bible Prophecy + end time worldviews

Contemplative Revelation: Union with God in Christ

Metamorpha Online spiritual formation
Approaches To Prayer
Awakening to Numinous Joy Susan: Exploring the interior life, spirituality, and creativity
The Bede Griffiths Trust
Brother Tadhg Urban monk: ‘Deep Spirituality’ for all, not just the few
Center for Action and Contemplation with Richard Rohr
Center for Spiritual Development Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR
Centering From the Center podcast
Centering Prayer
Christ As Us “As I Am, so you are in this world”: John and Linda Bunting
Christ In You Jim Fowler
Christ-Life Fellowship Warren Litzman
Christ Ministries
Christian Meditation Wikipedia article
Christian Mystic Meetups Cohort groups ’round the country
Christian Mystic Writings from Sojourn Community
Christian Mysticism Wikipedia article
Christian Mystics
Cloud of Witnesses
Communion With God Mark and Patti Virkler
Contemplative Fire
Contemplative Outreach Thomas Keating
Contemplative Prayer with William Meninger
The Contemplative Society with Cynthia Bourgeault
Contemplative Spirituality: A Guide Martha Ainsworth
DoxaSoma The integration of prayer, worship and physical movement
The Eckhart Society
Embrace of God The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina
FAITH Bruce Reyes-Chow: Pastor, Geek, Dad, Follower of Christ
Francois Fenelon Biography
Graham Cooke
Hermitary “Resources and Reflections on Hermits and Solitude”: blogs, articles, books: interfaithóa very rich source!
Inner Explorations; see their Centering Prayer Retreat transcript here.
Jan Johnson Author and retreat host
Julian Meetings Find or host contemplative prayer gatherings in your area.
Kyrie“A site for those who seek to remain in that space between the outer and inner life.”
Lectio Divina with the Benedictines
Lectio Divina For Dummies An insightful reflection by Bill Heroman
The Liberating Secret Christ Our Life Ministries
Lift Up Your Hearts Christian Spirituality Portal
Lion & Lamb Spiritual Guidance Ministries Since 1993
List of Christian mystics Wikipedia (seriously incomplete)
Living Stones a non-geographical christian contemplative community
Living Temples
Lost: Depths and Riches of Jesus Christ Many more mystic writings
Lovers of God Contemplative Poetry
The Mercy Site Contemplative prayer for evangelicals; particularly focuses on intersections between intercessory prayer, prophetic listening, and contemplative prayer
The Missing Cross to Purity Hall V. Worthington: a great Quaker source on enjoying the Kingdom of God in this life; includes major quotes from George Fox and other early Quakers
New Life Not Improved, But Replaced
Oasis Ministry with Kent Ira Groff
Peregrinatio Doug Jones, spiritual director for youth: “helping students discover truth for themselves”
Poetry of John of the Cross
Postmodern Deification: Theosis trumps Theurgy Carl McColman
Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence: downloadable pdf format
Praxis Resources for spiritual formation and contemplative living
Praxis Institute Studies in Inner Christianity
Prayerbuddy The community is listening: Daily digital divine office, as it is practiced in The Monastery of Christ in the Desert.
Praying Church On contemplative prayer
Renovare Bringing The Church To the Churches; Richard Foster
Revelation Reveals Jesus!
Sacred Journey of the Foolish Sage
Spiritual Directors International
Spiritual Formation Alliance
The Spiritual Guide by Miguel Molinos
Spiritual Letters by Francois Fenelon
Spirituality For All The Wrong Reasons by Eugene Peterson. An engaging challenge to much of the above material. Peterson’s antipathy toward overt mysticism should be noted, however.
Solitude with God Sandra Rooney
Stillsong Hermitage Notes on Contemplative Prayer by Sister Laurel M. O’Neal, Camaldolese Benedictine, Lafayette, CA; sample: “What kind of experience was this for God?”
Taste Heaven Now
TheoCentriC Rich Vincent: “ravings of an amateur pastor, hack theologian, and wannabe mystic”
The Shack Read this today!
Three Temptations of Spiritual Formation Evan Howard, Christianity Today
Union Life Sovereign Grace, Union with God, and Preterism! What an eclectic mix.
Women’s Voices: Jeanne Guyon
World Community for Christian Meditation with John Main
Writings of Teresa of Avila
Yearning for God Jan
(For much more, see Important and Treasured Writings From Excellent Authors)


God’s New Deal & Lavish Grace

Abide In Christ
Abiding Life Ministries International
Acts 13 Ministries “Proclaiming the whole counsel of God”
Brent Bill Quaker Author
Christ Is All
Complete In Christ Cindy Galdal, NYC
Daniel Yordy The Jesus Secret
Deeper Into Christ How to be a Christian despite years of lessons
Desiring God Christian Hedonism
Divine Romantics “To encourage God-centerednessÖproclaiming Jesus as the object of our affections.”
Enjoying God Sam Storms
The Father’s Love Letter
Free ‘N’ Him
Freedom’s Ring Recovery From Legalism, Moving in Unity
Grace Connexion Dr. Paul Fitzgerald
Grace Roots Joel B.
Grace for the Heart
Grace Fellowship International
Grace Life Ministries Lots of articles
Grace Ministries International Counseling and discipleship
GraceNet Martha Grace Reese: church growth and leadership
Grace Pages (archives here)
The Grace Project
Grace Walk Ministries Check out Steve McVey’s blog
Graced Again E-newsletter
Hope In Christ
In Christ Teaching
In-Depth Studies on the wonderful nature of the New Covenant
Key Life Network with Steve Brown
Life In Jesus Ken and Cathie Page
Lifetime Guarantee With the Gillham family
Lisa Brookins
Live Life Abundantly Gerhard & Machtild Struckmann
Living By Grace David Kuykendall
Living Covenant
Living In Grace
Loving Grace Ministries Home of the “Let’s Talk About Jesus” Radio Program – very rewarding.
New Covenant Living Columbus, OH
New Way Ministries Larry Crabb
People To People Classic Christianity
Real Life In Christ Sunday Morning @ Lubbock (TX) Bible Church
Recovering Legalists Ministries
Resting in Grace
Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury
Searching Together for the riches of the New Covenant
The Shovel Surfin’ On Life
Solo Christo Christ Alone
Sound of Grace John Reisenger message archive
Sound of the Bugle Tanswell and Portia Davidse, Cape Town, South Africa
Source Ministries Lewis Gregory
Sovereign Grace Publications
Talk Grace Discussion forum
Under Grace Living from the New Heart Jesus Gave You
We Can.Be The Beatitudes for Today’s World, Dave Andrews

The Persecuted Church Worldwide

Amnesty International
Barnabus Fund Hope & aid for the persecuted church
BASIC For our “Brothers And Sisters In Chains”
Christian Freedom International
Christian Monitor
Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Human Rights Without Frontiers
International Christian Concern
Iranian Christians Advocacy and support for Iranian and Afghan Christians worldwide
Jubilee Campaign
North Korean Christians
Open Doors
Persecution Project
Prayer for The Persecuted Church
Prisoner Alert Pray and take direct action concerning those imprisoned in Jesus’ name worldwide
Save Iraqi Christians Christian Solidarity International
Stand Today Solidarity and advocacy for the Persecuted Church
Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Voice of the Martyrs United States
Who Are Christians of Iraq?

Scripture Online

Ancient Hebrew Poetry
Hear The Voice Outstanding website for Scripture rendition project involving poets, pastors, musicians, authors & scholars
One Year Bible Blog Read the Bible in a narrative-chronological order!
Audiotreasure Audio Bibles in many languages including Hindi and Tagalong
Blogging the Bible With Slate‘s David Plotz; a cosmopolitan Jewish perspective
Crosswalk Parallel Bible Look up two translations at once.
Online Parallel Bible
Bible Gateway Includes several non-English translations
gen2rev Reading the Bible Without Additives in 100 Days
Bible Year Read through the Bible in a year ñ historically or narratively!
The Unbound Bible
Net Bible Translation With Apocrypha
Semantic Bible “Creating new applications of markup, web technology, and linguistic analysis to give fresh perspectives and open up new possibilities for using the Bible in the Digital Age”
Bible Map A global Bible atlas that harnesses Google Maps!
Blue Letter Bible Easy to use; several translations with study tools
Early Jewish Writings from Scripture to Apocalyptic writings to rabbinical works
Early Christian Writings the New Testament and more writings before AD 400
Open Scrolls Project The Dead Sea Scrolls in English
Bibles In Your Language Online, print, and audio bibles in 140 languages
Chronological Bible Storying A narrative approach to Scripture for oral learners
Oral Bible Network
The Books of the Bible A narrative, chronological Bible translation without chapter-and-verse!
The Cottonpatch New Testament!
Recovery Version New Testament
English Standard Version The new Reformed/conservative evangelical translation
Klingon Language Version No, this isn’t a joke
Apocrypha and Bible in RSV
Postmodern Bible Commentary with Amos (by Dr Tim Bulkeley)
And Adam Knew Eve A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
The Bible on the Poor Read all about it!
Mechon Mamre Hebrew, English and Aramaic translations of the Tanakh, plus the full Oral Law and MP3 recordings.
The Bible on the Poor Read all about it!
TanakhML Project Includes a fully cantillated Hebrew text, parallel Hebrew-English translation, verse structure analyzer and more. Very useful.
Ma’agar Sifrot haKodesh A full Hebrew (i.e., no English) text with links to relevant references in Rabbinic literature.
Arabic Bible
Greek Bible
The Schocken Bible A beautiful & poetic Jewish rendering of the Torah
Perseus Digital Library hosted by Tufts University. Transliterations and full texts of the Latin Vulgate and Greek NT here.
St. John’s Bible A contemporary illuminated manuscript
Grown-Up Story Bible A narrative Bible work-in-progress by Bill Heroman
In The Bible? Sayings often attributed to Scripture…that aren’t!
Bible Translations and Editions From New Testament Gateway
Resource Pages For Biblical Studies
Neil Booth’s Bible Brief Wow. An impressive collection of online bibles in many languages.
Internet Sacred Text Archive Not just Judeo-Christian, but certainly that too.
You Version

Great Books Online

Christian Corps F.J. Hugel, Dorothy Sayers, Andrew Murray, Grubb, Muggeridge, C.S. Lewis, FF Bruce, Watchman Nee, Smith Wigglesworth, G.K. Chesterton & More
The Daily Scribe “Highest Quality Christian Writing”
Dimensions of Truth “A place to find God’s Kingdom Pioneers” (MP3 downloads)
Electronic Books On House Church
Find Articles Over five million articles online; free and subscription sections
Hermitary “Resources and Reflections on Hermits and Solitude”: blogs, articles, books: interfaithóa very rich source!
The Liberating Secret Jeanne Guyon, William Law, Norman Grubb, Walter Lanyon, Dan Stone
The Library of Christian Classics Also known as Christian Classics Ethernet Library
Living Temples Books Boehme, Law, Paxson, Murray, Grubb, Penn-Lewis, Pierson, and more
Making of America Original primary source documents from the University of Michigan
Neve Family Reading Guyon, Tozer, Nee, Sparks, Frank Viola, more
Online Friends (Quaker) Texts Margaret Fell, John Woolman, Robert Barclay, George Fox
Our Daily Blog Daily readings from Christian classics, from Euro-Kiwi Andrew Jones
Pass The Word Fenelon, Molinos, Guyon, Wm. Law (there is Shaker stuff here too)
Plough E-books WOW, 50 quality e-books FREE, courtesy of the Bruderhof Foundation
Project Gutenberg Over 5000 electronic texts
Questia This is a subscription site, but is worth mentioning as it has thousands of books and articles
Revival Library What it sounds like.
St. Pachomius Eastern Orthodox Library
Open Library Over a million full-text books
LibriVox ‘Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain’
University of Pennsylvania 10,000+ books of all kinds
University of Virginia Electronic Text Center

Important and Treasured Writings From Excellent Authors

Shalom Auslander
T. Austin-Sparks
Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Simon Barrow
Karl Barth
Leonardo Boff
Walter Brueggemann
Bonhoeffer’s Cell
Bonhoeffer Dot Org
Oswald Chambers
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin archives
de Chardin in Wikipedia
DAWN ebooks
A Persistent Peace autobiography of John Dear, S.J.
Annie Dillard
Jonathan Edwards
Vernard Eller
Jaques Ellul …and more Ellul!
Good News Australia Writings Everyone from Norman Grubb, Dan Stone and Ruth Paxson to Henry Emerson Fosdick
Bede Griffiths
Norman Grubb
Inward Outward In the tradition of the Bruderhof Daily Dig, a daily online selection of excellent writing. From Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC.
Julian of Norwich
Soren Kierkegaard Dot Org by Dan Storm
Soren Kierkegaard on the Internet
Martin Luther King Jr.
Frank Laubach
Walter C. Lanyon Website
Best of Walter Lanyon
Madeline L’Engle’s official site
C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis once again
Narnia Dot Org Memphis C.S. Lewis Society
George MacDonald
The Creation in Christ by George MacDonald, on the relationship between the Father and the Son: very thought-provoking!
Brennan Manning Great interview with him here.
Thomas Merton
Watchman Nee Living Stream Ministry
Leslie Newbigin
Henri Nouwen
Nick Page
Peace Pilgrim
Eugene Peterson
Leonard Ravenhill
Oscar Romero
Ziauddin Sardar London-based writer on Islamic topics
The Shelter Francis Schaeffer
Bakht Singh of India
Kyle Strobel
A.W. Tozer
A.W. Tozer
Evelyn Underhill Association
George Warnock via Temple Builders
John Wesley and Holiness literature
Dallas Willard
John Howard Yoder
For more excellent writing see Eclectic Christian Book Catalogs

Audio-Visual Madness

MP3s and Podcasts and Streaming ‘Oh my!’
Homebrewed Christianity Podcast
30 Good Minutes Recorded broadcasts from The Chicago Sunday Evening Club (founded 1908): “Resources to Deepen Your Faith.”
Allelon Audio with messages from Eugene Peterson, Dallas Willard, NT Wright, & Brian McLaren
Greg Boyd
The Cross and the Sword Greg Boyd’s ground-breaking series questioning Christian’s relationship to government
BBC Religion Audio Sunday archive
Steve Brown Etc. with…you guessed it!
Tony Campolo on The Colbert Report.
Centering From The Center
Christian Audio Downloadable audio books from Dallas Willard, Brennan Manning, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren and more (pay site–subscription)
Christian Classics Ethereal Library Audio Like their print counterpart , this site has some awesome classic MP3s
Christian Tape Ministry Audio messages from Sparks, Kaung, Fromke, Lambert, & more
Contemplative Outreach Northwest Lending Library What a great idea. For a low cost, you can join this lending library and get hard copies of teaching on deeper forms of prayer.
Conversatio Fide A Next-Wave Podcast
Dimensions of Truth “A place to find God’s Kingdom Pioneers” (MP3 downloads)
The Drew Marshall Show “Canada’s most listened-to spiritual talkback program”
The Electric Church Is this a joke?
E-Church Podcast with Tim Bendar
E-Merg Podcast
Emergent Village Podcast
Emergent Village Resources Archives: Presently has some Brueggeman and Wright
The Emerging Church Part One and The Emerging Church Part Two by Bob Abernethy and Kim Lawton in PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
Emerging Minister Audio Archives
Free Christian Audio Books Featuring some G.K. Chesterson, Sundar Singh, Leo Tolstoy and more
The God Journey “Christianity for the Rest of Us,” Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings
God’s Politics Interview with Jim Wallis
GodTube: Broadcast Him Godtube. GodTube?! I don’t know how I feel about this, nosiree. But methinks many denizens could join the site and subvert it in the Jesus Way. What sayest thou?
Key Life Network with Steve Brown
The Kindlings Muse
The Kindness Movement
Mars Hill Audio A bimonthly 90 minute audio “magazine”
Mars Hill Bible Church Teaching with Rob Bell and Co.
Brian McLaren interview by Drew Marshall on September 3, 2005
Brian McLaren Podcast on Sierra Club radio
Mosaic Podcast with Erwin McManus and Co.
The Nick & Josh Podcast
Something Beautiful Podcast
Off-The-Map Media Center Free full-length Brian McLaren video clips
Out of Fellowship Craig Bob: “Christianity Outside The Church”
The Phoenix Journal
Bored-Again Christian Awesome music podcast
LibriVox ‘Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain’ Audio Podcasts Exploring the Issues Important to Responsive Christians
The Point BlogRadio and discussion
Post-Restorationist Radio Podcast portal for emerging Church of Christ-ers
Pray As You Go Daily prayer brought to us by some innovative UK Jesuits
Prayerbuddy The community is listening: Daily digital divine office, as it is practiced in The Monastery of Christ in the Desert.
PrayStation Podcast Daily prayer taken from the Liturgy of the Hours
Project Podcast
Regent Radio Featuring broadcasts by N.T. Wright, Larry Crabb, Dallas Willard, Eugene Peterson, Stanley Grenz, Gordon Fee, and more.
Religion and Violence An interfaith video-archived conference: Untangling the Roots of Conflict
Salem Gathering Podcasts
Sermon Index Obscure audio and favorites alike from A.W.Tozer, T. Austin Sparks, Corrie Ten Boom and Art Katz
Speaking of Faith “Public radio’s national conversation about belief, meaning, ethics, and ideas.”
Shane Hipps
Vineyard Central Podcast Feed
Derek Webb/Don Miller Chat Precisely what it sounds like. A one-time talk you can still download.
Meet Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove Mp3 Interview with one of the Rutba House redidents on WUNC radio
Wired Jesus

Relational “Home” Church Life:

95 Theses For Apostolic Reformation Bob Lund
The Abiding Place
Agape Anabaptist House Church of Christ
Ambassador Creative Expressions
And Then Life Happened Rich; Ontario
Awakening 1s
Believers Underground Network (New Zealand)
Beyond Church Walls
Beyond Protestantism Tom Lamb (NZ)
Charlie’s Homepage
Chasing the Wild Goose Jon Dale
Christ In You Jim Fowler
A Christian Home Index of lots of House-Church supporting sitesóincluding this one!
Christian Tape Ministry Audio messages from Sparks, Kaung, Fromke, Lambert, & more
Christ-Life Fellowship Warren Litzman
Church in the House Tim Germain; see the DVD
Church of Liberty
Church Restoration Dan Hubbell
The Church Today
The Church Without Walls Gastonia, NC
Churchless Christian Philip Edwards; Auckland, New Zealand
Jake Colsen
Brent Davis Sparta, MO
Decompressing Faith Lily; OR
Denver House Church Conference Blog Bill Reed; see also his Youth and Family blog.
Disciple The Nations Home Church Site
The Early Church Clifford James
Eating and Drinking with Jesus Christ
Edge Home Church Networks New Zealand
Gene Edwards An experienced home church community planter/worker
Ekklesia Blog Wayne; Windsor, Ontario
El Shaddai R. A. Hanes Manakin
Emerging Life
Lindy Erin New York, NY
Escape From Churchianity
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Fellership “Sharing the Lord with one another through conversation, meals and life.” (Archives at Alice’s Page.)
Fellowship of Believers (rather fundamentalist) Radio Show
Fellowship of the Mystery Some good articles…also some vehement rhetoric about certain issues, though, that we definitely don’t track with…just so you know.
Following Jesus Christ from Colin Thompson, a brother from England
Food Recipes for home church meetings
Free House Church Resources Extremely conservative: God hates divorce; Hell as a place of torment; God’s commands in the New Testament; etc.
Free Spirit Read “If Trees Could Talk”
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The Glorious Church (Oneness Pentecostal/Baptismal Regeneration perspective)
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Nehemiah’s Wall Praying for Police Officers
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Revelation of the Lost Keys excellent online book and site by Kevin Paul
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A Wilderness Voice in Search of a City Michael Clark & George Davis (Many others excerpted, too!)
Marc van der Woude Holland
You Are All Brothers Ian Vincent of India

International Home Church Sites:

Hauskirche Germany
Hauskirchen Austria
Hauskirchen Switzerland
Iglesia En Casas Spanish language
Indehuizen Netherlands
Life Share Switzerland
Lukas 10 Germany
Ordos Nuevos Spanish language
Paradigm Shift Netherlands

Articles About Home Church & Related

Beijing House Church Pastors Forced to Cease Activity for Olympics The Christian Post
Going to Church by Staying at Home by Michael Alison Chandler and Arianne Aryanpur in The Washington Post
Seeking the living wordóin their living rooms LA Times
There’s No Pulpit Like Home by Rita Healy and David Van Biema in Time Magazine
What Is An Organic Church? by Frank Viola: a clear, useful definition
Examining the House Church Movement The Kingdom Come; a critical view
The Professionalizing of the Clergy: At What Cost?
Christian Research Center Marks House Church Impact by Bill Dolack
The Megashift of the Worldwide Church Jim Rutz interview
More Kids Being Home Churched A satirical article from The Onion; it’s more a satire of home schooling than anything, but contains some wise prophetic counsel
Frank Viola Pagan Christianity interview by Steve Eastman of Open Heaven
Ex-Pastor Is Glad He’s Finally Embraced House Church by Steve Eastman
As Children And Slaves: Authority In The New Testament by Hal Miller
Characteristics of an Apostle by Gene Edwards
Interactive Preaching The Anabaptist Network
New Testament Eldership by Robert Banks
The House Church Movement by Loren Smith in Bermudas The Royal Gazette
The Institution-less Church from The Thinklings: a common-sense article offering some “balance”
House Church Trends index of House Church articles
House Churches Making A Comeback
Search For The Right Church Ends At Home by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times
Open House Church Articles from True Grace Ministries
Post-Congregational Christianity Very thought-provoking! “House Church” books
Home Churching or HIM Churching?
Return To New Testament Church Principles by Drew Costen
Where and How To Meet by Steadfast Shou
Home Grown Churches: Why some Christians never leave home to go to church by Craig Bird
Medical Doctors and the House Church Movement
Wildheart John Eldredge interview; includes thoughts on house church
The Starfish and the Spider and the Emerging House Churches from Tall Skinny Kiwi (Andrew Jones)
A Growing House Church Movement by Nate Krupp
Renewal Journal Special Issue on home church and community
True Church by John W. Kennedy
Another great article on sisters’ freedom
House Churches, Home Churches, etc. (From a non-Christian Standpoint)
“The Superman Syndrome” article
Dominant Clergy Kenneth Sublett br> Missionary Tourism? A critique of short-term missions: “benevolent colonialism” vs. supporting indigenous work. Solution? “Americans have to give up control of a mission project and assume the role of humble servant.”
Generationally Indigenous Churches
Why House Church?
Home Assemblies and Bible Basics (A kind of xenophobic Fundamentalist approach)
Church: Where The Home Is TC Online (SBC) (Ecuador)
Good Articles on Restoration
A Brief History of the House Church Movement (scroll down to page 5)
Why I Quit Church and Started Attending Love Feasts by Lynn Ridenhour. For your patriotic, apocalypic/remnant perspective on house churching, look no further.
Various House Church Articles “Prayer is always the starting point.” John White
A Comprehensive Simple Church Resource Archive by Robert Grisham Overwhelms even us. It’s HUGE!

For more house church sites, see the Church Planters and House Church Networks section.

Radical Christ-Centered Political Alternatives:

Do you think you need to be a status-quo “Republican” or “Democrat” or “Ignoramus” when it comes to politics? Heck no! Support real, organic, Christ-honoring alternatives. Some of the best we’ve found are right here.

Kingdom Now Repentance for nationalist idolatry
Jesus Radicals Biblical Christian Anarchy & Nonviolence
Ekklesia Project
Catholic Anarchy
An Invitation to Prayer Praying together for peace, justice, and reconciliation: The Church of England
Wikinomics and Mission from Tall Skinny Kiwi (Andrew Jones)
Jesus Is An Anarchist
Guns to Plowshares The Simple Way: Kensington, Philadelphia
Blue Christian on a Red Background Jon Trott, Jesus People USA, Chicago
John Howard Yoder World’s foremost New Testament pacifist theologian
Koinonia Peace & Justice
Empire Remixed Politics and Theology: rethinking everything
Eucharism Eucharism is lifegiving life giving; includes Dignity Watch: monitoring Christian dictators and corporate colonists; and Exploit or Empower: how your purchases impact the poorest of the poor
Christian Soldier
Christian Anarchism The all-important Wikipedia definition.
The Missing Cross to Purity Hall V. Worthington: a great Quaker source on enjoying the Kingdom of God in this life; includes major quotes from George Fox and other early Quakers
Zero 28 Peace and Social Justice. Wherever. (Based in Ireland)
Catholic Many writings by Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, more.
Catholic More of the above; both have great writings on service and Christ-informed anarchy (See historical archives here)
Catholic Labor Network
Call To Renewal
Ekklesia News UK
Root & Branch Network UK
The Simple Way
Among The Ruins
Christian Communalism
Heal Our Land Unlicense your church as a tool of the state!
Social Movements Collection Over 10,000 original source items from U.S. & global radical polticial movements
Theocracy Watch
Rise Up International Blending the arts, humanitarian efforts, social activists, businesses and idealists into an agency of change
Proletariat Of God Chris Brenna; Minneapolis, MN
Prophetic Heretic Jason Barr
God’s Politics Group ‘blog with, of course, Jim Wallis
Blue Christian on a Red Background Jon Trott, Chicago, IL
J-Walking David Kuo: well worth reading!
Hopeful Daniel Daniel D. Farmer, Christian Pacifist, Hopeful Philosopher
Compassion in Politics

Pax Christi

Promoting the Peace of Christ in hearts and communities

War Is Not the Answer Friends Committee on National Legislation: “the largest peace lobby in Washington, DC: 65 years of Quaker Action”
Who Are Christians of Iraq?
Christian Peacemaker Teams In Iraq, Colombia, and more
CHIPS Christian International Peace Service, working for peace in Uganda
The Forgiveness Project
I Forgive Osama A provocative project to bring reconciliation and love
Christians Confess
Peaceworks Prayer and mediation
Peacemaker Ministries Hope for Christian conflict
Third Way Virtual Peace CafÈ: Mennonite Media
Clarion Journal of Spirituality and Justice
International Reconciliation Coalition
Peace School UK
Forgiveness Bruderhof forgiveness guide
The Missing Cross to Purity Hall V. Worthington: a great Quaker source on enjoying the Kingdom of God in this life; includes major quotes from George Fox and other early Quakers
Peace Church Radical Peace: “Peace Church is a way ot thinkingÖ”
Peace Guru Resources on Christian Non-violence; quotes from Tolstoy and others
Every Church a Peace Church
Bridgefolk Making peace between Mennonites and Roman Catholics!
Bridges Across the Divide Confronting the Powers That Be: A study guide to a couple of powerful books by Walter Wink promoting New Testament peace in a world of domination
Beatitudes Society
Learning to Forgive
Revolt Collective
LearnPeace “A site with an attitude:…the belief that nonviolence is better than violenceÖ”
Humane Borders
No To War
Just Peace
Catholic Social Teachings
CAAT Campaign Against Arms Trade
Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
United For Peace & Justice
Justice and Compassion
Send Judah First: A Pentecostal Perspective on Peace
Christian Nonresistance and Pacifism
Christian Pacifism Conflict of the Ages online book
Church & Peace
Justice Not Vengeance
Active Peacemaking
Colloquium On Violence & Religion
Bridge Builders Fourth Way Mediation
World Christian Frontiers
International Fellowship of Reconciliation Jump here for the US branch and here for the UK branch
Gutless Pacifist
Hip Hop Caucus “Make Hip Hop Not War”
Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
Preaching Peace
Colloquium on Violence and Religion Rene Girard’s mimetic theory gets nitty-gritty
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Christian Conscientious Objection Resources & laws concerning military enlistment & abstention in the United States (secular site here)
Center On Conscience and War Resources for conscientious objectors to war and violence
Peace Coup
Veterans For Peace Repentance lived out
September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Desmond Tutu Peace Center
Romero Society “Finding the balance of those with and without”
Public Conversations
Jarrod Cochran Firefighter and Christian activist/speaker in Georgia, a.k.a Punk Pastor
The Carter Center Atlanta
Bruderhof Museum New York
Peaceful Societies A fascinating look at actual societies where conflict within the society and warfare with neighboring societies is close to zero.
A Force More Powerful Documentary & book exploring real-life nonviolent struggles, features 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
Snowshoe Films
Circus 2 Iraq
The Cat’s Dream
California Newsreel
Truth From A Heretic
Peace Convergence
Peace Magazine The award-winning publication with full-text archives from 1985
Lion & Lamb A site dedicated to stopping the merchandising of violence to children and finding nonviolent toy alternatives
Iraq Body Count Detailed, documented counts of the lives of masses and individuals claimed in this latest war making
The Lifeline Expedition A journey of friendship along the old transatlantic slave trade
Domini Socially responsible mutual funds
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
QUIT Quaker Initiative To End Torture
No 2 Torture
Peace Tax Fund Insofar as you have to pay them, stop paying taxes for war.
Center on Conscience
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
International Peace Bureau
Witness for Peace
Nonviolence International
Resources For Peace
198 Methods of Nonviolent Action from the Albert Einstein Institute. Let’s get practical!
Wink! A tension-and-violence-relieving game (apparently) played only by Friends (Quakers)…but revealed now to the world here.

Isaac/Ishmael Peace Initiatives

Can we pray that these will succeed?

B’Tselem Israeli information center for human rights in occupied territories
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
Jewish Voice For Peace
Not In My Name Seeking a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians
Sabeel Christian Palestinian Liberation Movement
Support Sanity Israel-Palestine peace fellowship and initiative

Denominational Peace Fellowships

Now to our ears, “denomination” rhymes with “abomination”; we’ll be happy when the post-denominational transition is complete and we’ll no longer have to worry about the human-created institutions that divide sisters and brothers in Christ. But insofar as they’re going to be with us for another decade or two, you should see what is going on in these denominations with regards to honoring Jesus, our Prince of Peace. A lot of the nitty-gritty work of creative, non-violent engagement with the powers is going on in these fellowships. Support them.

Adventist Peace Fellowship
American Friends Service Committee
Anabaptist Network
Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America
Baptist Peace Fellowship UK
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Disciples Justice Action Network
Disciples Peace Fellowship
Episcopal Peace Fellowship “Peace is the Church’s Business”
Friends United Meeting
Institute For Peace and Justice Catholic
Lutheran Peace Fellowship
Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonite Peace & Justice Support Network
Mennonite World Conference
Methodist Federation for Social Action
Methodists United For Peace With Justice
On Earth Peace Church of the Brethren
Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God
Pax Christi International Catholic Peace Movement; jump here for UK and here for US branches.
Ploughshares Canadian Council of Churches
Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
Religious Rehabilitation Group A group of Islamic scholars in Singapore determined “to provide religious instruction to those who have been detained and those under restriction orders.” Their mission is “to rehabilitate detainees to refrain from committing criminal acts” and “to portray that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.”
Society Of Friends England

Consistently Pro-Life

What is “consistently pro-life,” you might ask? Affirming life as God’s gift in all situations. Resisting the the culture of death affirmed in abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and war. Read on…

Consistent Life
A Consistent Life Ethic
A(nother) Consistent Life Ethic
A Consistent Pro-Life Ethic (Quaker; see also Wikipedia article)
Pro-life Quakers
Feminism & Nonviolence Studies
Feminists for Life
Mary Meehan Writings of a consistent-life veteran
No Violence Period.
Pro-Life With Christ A more traditional pro-life site, focusing on abortion. Extensive links.
Seamless Garment

Christlike Compassion

Homeless in America Sara Miles, The Food Pantry at St. Gregory of Nyssa Church, San Francisco
The Bible on the Poor Read all about it!
DOOR Network Discovering Opportunities for Outreach & Reflection in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Hollywood, Miami, & San Antonio
Community of Hope Homeless Shelter in Washington, DC
Children’s Hope Chest for children suffering from HIV/AIDS
Everything Must Change Brian D. McLaren
Jacob’s Well Nonprofit in downtown eastside, Vancouver, BC, Canada
On Journeying with those in Exile Journal of poserorprophet: Dan, Vancouver, BC, CanadaóWhat a thought-provoking blog!
International Rescue Committee
Taken 4 Granted David Grant
Turn Love Inside Out
Logos Communities Houston, TX
Make Affluence History
Make Poverty History
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries: “Compassion as a Lifestyle”
The Love Alliance
Resettle A holistic and realistic solution for Hurricane Katrina victims
Katrina Grace
Speak Pray for change, live for justice.
Ubuntu Education Fund for the Eastern Cape province in South Africa
Oasis Trust (UK)
EPath Bringing aid to the homeless
Justice and Compassion
The Center for Christian Social Holiness Nazarene
Oregon Center for Christian Values
Amos Trust Collective
Christian Aid
CoolPeopleCare Grand Rapids, MI
Association for a More Just Society Honduras
Love Without Agenda
One Life Revolution
Debt, AIDS, Trade: Africa
Save Darfur
Darfur Christian Action
Tear Fund
The Other Journal Hauerwas and Campolo and Wink, oh my! You don’t want to miss this one.
Neighborhood Ministries Phoenix, AZ
John M. Perkins Foundation For Reconciliation and Development
Tony Campolo
Center For Action and Contemplation Richard Rohr
Center of Concern
Centrepoint Centrepoint, national charity for homeless youth in the UK
Unlimited Love Institute Altruism, Compassion, Service
Crosswalk America
The One Campaign
North American Association of Christians In Social Work
NY Faith & Justice
Samaritan’s Purse International Relief
Alliance For Children Everywhere
Compassionate Reformed Theology Peter Ong’s Interesting Website: “A humble testament of an unexpected minister.”
Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
Compassion in Politics
Opportunity International Giving the poor a working chance: “Microfinance: the Solution to Global Poverty”
The Waiters Union West End, Brisbane, Australia
The Walnut Hills Fellowship Mr. Bart C., OH
Source for alienated young people in Minneapolis: Peter & Jessica Wohler; includes Fallout Arts Initiative
World Hunger and Poverty Scott Hughes, Hartford, CT
Word Made Flesh
Prevent Genocide
A World At Odds Conscience in a time of terror
Mercy Corps
Invisible Children
Ruth’s Harvest Helping impoverished children physically and spiritually
Emmaus International
Argos Helping the rural poor obtain land
EFICOR Evangelical Fellowship of India Commision on Relief
Center For Social Holiness
Refugee Action
Feed the Minds
Immeasurably More Organizing, equipping, and leading Christian pilgrimages around the world
Global Exchange Reality Tours
Christian Appalachian Project
Servants Asia
St. Stephens Society with Jackie Pullinger, Hong Kong
Hope HIV African orphan aid group
Two And Two Makes Five Steven Nicholson’s blog on Africa
The Ruckus Society
Advoc8, what happened to ye?
Serving Our World
National Coalition for the Homeless
National Alliance to End Homelessness
World Relief
Children’s Hope Chest
New Life for Haiti
Wiser Earth “Toward a Just and Sustainable World Created by Community”
Global Issues Things that affect everyone
Seek Justice
Simple Gestures Love Your Neighbor ‘blog
Idealist Action Without Borders
Christian Volunteering
Interaction American Council for Voluntary Internatonal Action
Volunteer Match
Cool People Care
Free World Web
Charity Navigator
Better World Links Wow, this “Norbert” guy puts us to shame with 30,000 links to his credit. Not “Christian” per se, and certainly more polarizingly political than we like to be; nonetheless there’s some great material here.

Not For Sale

Despite popular belief, slavery is alive and well today–stronger than it’s ever been. Nonetheless! Through heightened spiritual awareness and action, human trafficking could become a thing of the past. These friendships, coalitions and campaigns are on the front lines of bringing this dream for justice into reality.

Not For Sale Campaign A coordinated effort of abolitionist groups worldwide

Amazing Grace Film about William Wilberforce, 19th-century British abolitionist
Amnesty International On trafficking
Anti-Slavery Today’s fight for tomorrow’s freedom
Anti-Slavery UK abolition network
Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids (2004) a movie with the USA working title The Kids of Sonagachi>br> Call + Response Movie opening October 10, 2008, “exposing 27 million secrets”
Can Bush Fight Sex Trafficking Without His Administration? Harsh, eye-opening Op-Ed report, “The Justice Department, Blind to Slavery,” from a real expert: John R. Miller; The New York Times
Clapham Sect Wikipedia on British social reformers of 200 years ago
Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Commentary: Slavery alive and well in U.S. Glenn Beck, CNN
Commitee Contre l’Esclavage Moderne
Domestic Sex Trafficking in the U.S. ABC News
Free At Last Deann Alford in Christianity Today
F.R.E.E. international Find. Rescue. Embrace. Empower.
Free The Slaves
Freedom Firm
Freedom Network To empower trafficked and enslaved persons
Global Fund for Women hot topic: supports legalized prostitution
Go see ‘Amazing Grace’ Rebecca Hagelin, Heart Beat
How to Buy a Child in 10 Hours ABC Nightline
Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Southern California
Human Trafficking and the Internet Linda’s Blog: Look Both Ways (Online Safety Consulting)
The Human Trafficking Scourge Council on Foreign Relations article
Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking Salvation Army National Headquarters
Innocence Atlanta
International Justice Mission Working to end contemporary slavery & sex trafficking
Interview of Israel Oyelumade, star of anti-slavery production “African Snow” Christian Today
Love 146 End child sex slavery & exploitation
Missional in Action: Atlanta Churches Take On Child Sex Traffickers PGF Outbox: “God, let our hearts break with what breaks your heart.”
Musings Stories and Thoughts Sex Trafficking
NC Stop Human Trafficking
Nightlight Bangkok
One Voice to End Slavery
Polaris Project For a world without slavery
Scores Rescued from Trafficking BBC News
Slavery Around the Globe Today Slideshow from Beliefnet
Stop the Traffik People Shouldn’t Be Bought and Sold
Prostitution Research & Education
Tales of student prostitutes rock France Guardian, UK
Time for the New Abolitionists Jim Wallis>br> TIP in AsiaTrafficking in Persons: Asia-specific anti-trafficking coalition
Trade The movie
Trade Review of the movie, by Rotten Tomatoes
UN appoints Steve Chalke (chair of Stop the Traffik) as special advisor on trafficking Christian Today

Simplicity and Holistic Living

Story of Stuff An excellent video, well worth watching
Cheap Ways ToÖ Cara Davis
Mustard Seed Associates Christine and Tom Sine
Alternatives For Simple Living
Bartimaeus Community Ministries A circle of mutual aid for non-traditional gospel ministry
Cultural Creatives Paul H. Ray, PhD, and Sherry Ruth Anderson, PhD: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World
Diamond-Cut Life Alison Wiley, Portland, OR: “Chiseling our consumption down to the core of happiness.”
De-Motorize Your Soul Campaign: “a spirited foray into the post-oil era”
Mercola Premiere site for solid, reliable holistic health news and advice
Advent Conspiracy
Buy Nothing Christmas! “Where did I say that you should buy so much stuff to celebrate my birthday?”
Body Theology John Paul II and Benedict XVI
Radical Frugality
Ten Thousand Villages Fairly traded handicrafts from around the world.
Eternal Threads Indigenous fair-traded goods made by women worldwide
Radical Christian Network
Co-Op America Economic action for a just planet
Responsible Shopper Global research and action to stop corporate abuse
Faith and Money Network Encouraging “freedom from attachment to cultural values regarding money.”
Veggie Oil & Bio Diesel Fascinating!
All Things Biodiesel
Year of Living Generously
Christian Healthcare Ministries An alternative to traditional “health insurance”
Naomi Klein Author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine
Global Rich List How wealthy are you? Calculate your annual income here, and put it all in perspective. Check it out!
Rankings, Records, Countries of the World
Know More Corporation watch search engine
Our World is Not For Sale Stop corporate globalization. Take Action!

Incredible, Edible Sites

Agape Table
An Obsession with Food
Animal Vegetable Miracle the book! The movement! By Barbara Kingsolver
Bill McKibben
Bread For The World National & global food policy
Center for Rural America
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Cricket Bread
Culinate Eat to Your Ideal
Daniel and Amanda’s Weblog
Don’t Eat Alone
Eat Local Challenge
Eat Well Guide
Eating Well A documentary film exploring Christian perspectives on factory farming
The Ecological Farming Association
Edible Communities
The Ethicurean Chew the right thing.
Factory Farm
Farmers Can Be Heroes
Feeding America Was Second Harvest; working within today’s corrupt food system to liberate excess so others might simply live
Finding Balance Eating, Image, and Life
The Food Pantry Peace on Earth & Food for All; helpful guidelines here
Food and Faith PCUSA
Food First
Food Recipes for home gatherings
Food Routes
Food for Thought
Foodshed Planet
Food & Water Watch
Getcha Grub On
Heifer International “Ending hunger, Caring for the earth”
Local Harvest Find fresh tasty local food close to you!
The Meatrix
Michael Pollan
Mighty Foods
New American Dream
Northwest Local Mandi: an exploration of local food and community in the Pacific Northwest
Organic Consumers Association
Organic A to Z
Organic Schmorganic “Debunking the Myth of Organic”
Real Food Markets
Real Food Revival
The Revolution Starts at Home
Seeds of Change
Slow Food Movement (See also Slow Food USA and the Slow Food Wikipedia article)
Slow Food Nation
Sustainable Table
Take This Bread Sara Miles
True Food Network Calling attention to genetically modified foods
True Food
What Would Jesus Eat? with Lucas Land
Wild Fermentation
World Community Cookbooks from our friends, the Mennonites
World Hunger and Poverty Scott Hughes, Hartford, CT
World Hunger Relief Sustainable Agriculture & Hunger Relief
The World Institute of Slowness
U.S. Food Policy
ZAO Water Artesian well in North Carolina helping drill wells in developing nations

H20 for Life

1% For The Planet
Alliance For Democracy
ABC-TV News Report
African Boreholes
Ashoka’s Youth Venture
Be Water Wise
Blood: Water Mission
Center For Environmental Law & Policy
Clean Water Action
Council of Canadians
Defending Water For Life In Maine
Delaware Riverkeeper
Do You Drink Water?
Earth Echo
Eshare Water
Fish Now Female
Food and Water Watch
Global Water Fund
Global Water Organization
Go Green Online
Green Grants
Holistic Moms Network
Infinite Energy
Inside the Bottle
International Rivers
Living Water International
Love Bottle
Mamma Manifesto
Milwaukee Riverkeeper
Mouth To Source
Mocha Club
National Environmental Education Foundation
National Environmental Education Week – ‘Be Water Wise’
Nuba Water Project
Nubius Organics
Organic Consumers
Pacific Institute
Polaris Institute
Potomac Riverkeeper
Project Blue
Project Concern
Rainwater Harvesting For Drylands & Beyond
Rajendra Singh
Right To Water
San Diego Walk for Water
Save Our Springs Alliance
Sierra Club
Sprite Industries Inc.
Ten For 10
The Water Project
Take Back The Tap
Think Outside the Bottle
The Bottled Water Industry
United Nations Association Film Festival
Urban Semillas
Wastewater Works
Water Charity
Water For All
Waterkeeper Alliance
Water Voices
WaterAid Australia
WaterAid UK
Water Pure International
Whenever The Need
We Ministry
World Water Day
World Neighbors
Youth Venture and Wateraid


As we are called to be the church incarnated in community, many of us are realizing that there are practical as well as spiritual dimensions to being healthy community. Here are some of the best sites looking at community and economic development from a transformational perspective.

Bartimaeus Community Ministries A circle of mutual aid for non-traditional gospel ministry
Business as Mission Network
Cherokee investment company
Christians Supporting Community Organizing
Micah Network
Missions Moving Mountains Discipling For Development
Christian Community Development Association
Logos Communities Houston, TX
Ministry Marketing Coach Chris Forbes
Agora Space
Our World is Not For Sale Stop corporate globalization. Take Action!
Eucharism Eucharism is lifegiving; includes dignity watch: monitoring Christian dictators and corporate colonists; and exploit or empower: how your purchases impact the poorest of the poor
R. Paul Stevens, Marketplace Ministry Mentor
The John M. Perkins Foundation
The World Institute of Slowness
MEDA Microfinance
Kiva Microloans that change lives
New Urbanism Urban collective architecture
Right Reality Compassionate and productive business
Good Capital
Business Without Borders
Global Social Venture Competition
Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards
Collective Intelligence
Habitat For Humanity
We Can.Be People-centered business, Dave Andrews
7 Loaves Fair Trade Wholesale Initiatives
Fair Trade Federation
Fair Trade USA (See also their blog)
Traid Craft UK
Trade As One
Oxfam trade campaign
Equal Exchange
Cred Jewellery No blood diamonds here
Higher Grounds Trading A 100% fair trade, organic, fair trade company
Darren Rowse’s ‘pro’ blog
Relational Tithe Global community committed to living in abundance toward each person in the world
Voice of Calvary Ministries, Inc. Jackson, Mississippi: inner city ministries, development: “a voice for the poor”
Cheap Ways To Cara Davis
Waves Community Development Resources: Mindanao, Philippines
Blessed Unrest An amazing book by Paul Hawken, with additional resources

The Creation In Christ

Thankfully, the “disposable earth” mindset (that had more to do with Western consumerism than authentic Christian faith) is disappearing, as believers are realizing that whether Jesus is returning next Thursday or not, He wants us to cherish and steward His Creation. Here are some of the lamentably few folks who are offering Christ-centered reflection on environmental problems and solutions.

Not One Sparrow A Christian voice for animal welfare
A Rocha Christians In Conservation
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
Care2 Groups Eco-conscious sharing
Christian Ecology Link
De-Motorize Your Soul Campaign: “a spirited foray into the post-oil era”
Small(er) “Making an impact by leaving less of one”
Restoring Eden Christians For Environmental Stewardship
North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology
Green Vineyard
Better Times Sustainable, Simple, & Frugal Living
Earth Care Caring for God’s creation
Environmental Issues Network
Evangelical Climate Initiative (See New York Times article.)
Creation Care
Climate Stewards
Eco Justice Ministries
Earth Ministry
Saving God’s Green Earth
Target Earth Serving the earth, serving the poor
Christians for the Mountains Serving the Appalachian region
Environmental Stewardship Commission with a focus on Minnesota
The Regeneration Project
National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Programs
New Community Project Anabaptists
Earthcare Witness with the Quakers
Quaker Green Concern
Catholic Conservation Center
Episcopal Ecological Network
Greening Spirit Canadian Anglicans
Canadian Forum on Religion & Ecology
Center for Ecozoic Studies
The John Ray Initiative
Evan and Nature
Nathan Styder a brother with a cool ‘sustainable living’ site: “Discovering practical sustainability through open discussion”
Local Harvest List of Farmers’ Markets and Organic Food Storesóall local!
Food Not Lawns Turning yards into gardens
Nouslife Andii Bowsher; Durham, UK
How To Save The World
Veggie Oil & Bio Diesel Fascinating!
Biodiesel! We are soon going to devote an entire section to biodiesel. It is fantastic. It is a gift from Jesus to save the world.
Eastern Biodiesel Cooperative
Fried Fuel an excellent Creative Loafing article on biodiesel; a good first-stop to learn what has us so excited. (See here also)
All Things Biodiesel
World Changing
The Lazy Environmentalist
Tree Hugger
Plenty Magazine
Ecotheology Selections from Crosscurrents magazine
Earth 911 Locate recycling and other environmental initiatives in your community
Eco Cycle Recycle your life! Get ideas here.
Scorecard Community pollution information site
Green Festivals Parties with purpose
Green Press Initiative Helping publishers and authors create paper-use transformations that will conserve natural resources and preserve endangered forests
EcoMall Ecologically sound companies and products
Wiser Earth “Toward a Just and Sustainable World Created by Community”
Story of Stuff An excellent video, well worth watching

Our Sisters In Christ

It is a spiritual fact that women are free in Jesus Christ, and are free to express themselves in the Christian community, in family, and the world as a whole. Unfortunately, due to lack of attentiveness to the Spirit, and lack of context from the Scripture, many in the Christian world wish to minimize this freedom. We think this occurs at great expense to our sisters in the Lord, and we can no longer keep silent on the matter. Here are some resources that will benefit you, whether you are female or male.

Christians For Biblical Equality
God’s Word To Women
Egalitarian Christian Alliance
CBE Scroll
Emerging Women
Convergence; archives under Emerging Women Leaders here.
Gender Justice and Churches of Christ Written by members of the Church of Christ movement but valuable for all of us.
God’s View of a Woman by Frank Viola
Now Concerning a Woman’s Role in the Church by Frank Viola (pdf)
Evangelical & Ecumenical Women’s Caucus
Equality Depot Bookstore
Gender in Christ Part One and Part Two by Brenda Imus
The Hyphen House
Is It Okay To Call God “Mother”? A favorable consideration of the question from a conservative viewpoint
History’s Women
Internet Women’s History Sourcebook (general)
Women & Gender in the New Testament World
Christian + Feminist A whole lotta resources, “dedicated to the proposition that faith and feminism are not mutually exclusive”
Christian Feminism

Our Brothers In Christ

Lest you think we don’t care about menfolk, here are some resources we’ve found helpful in rediscovering our full identities as men in Christ

Band of Brothers Courage, Humility, Unity
Male Spirituality Men As Learners and Elders (“M.A.L.E.s,” clever huh?). If you loved–or hated–Eldredge’s “Wild At Heart,” you should check out Richard Rohr’s outfit.
New Canaan Society
Ransomed Heart John Eldredge
Church For Men David Murrow
Wild Man Eric Blauer; Spokane, WA

New Covenant Counseling & Inner Healing

New Way Ministries Larry Crabb
Elijah House John & Paula Sanford, Inner Healing
Theophostic “Beyond Tolerable Recovery”: Complete Healing (see Christianity Today article)
Grace Ministries International
Faith Family Ministries
Avalon Counseling Oregon
Aslan’s Place Prayer Ministry
The Healing Center Using seeing gifts to aid individuals in taking back their life, bringing in God’s light
Religious Rehabilitation Group A group of Islamic scholars in Singapore determined “to provide religious instruction to those who have been detained and those under restriction orders.” Their mission is “to rehabilitate detaineesÖto refrain from committing criminal acts” and “to portray that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.” A tall order!

Prophetic! Revival! Pentecostal! Charismatic! Spirit-filled!

Ministries, organizations, and personalities connected with the Azusa Street Revival of 1906, the charismatic renewal of the 1960s, the “Third Wave” movement coming from the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, or any of the wacky, wonderful, kitschy, beautiful expressions to emerge since.

When God Talks Back Tanya Luhrmann’s anthropological study of Vineyard congregations, reflecting on their ‘listening prayer’ practices. See NPR interview.
Elijah List Prophetic encouragement list
Prophetic TV
Extreme Prophetic Patricia King
Next Reformation Network
The New Mystics John and Lily Crowder
El Dabar International A reputable African ‘signs & wonders’ ministry that gets a write-up by Andrew Jones
Not for Prophets Only by Keith Green
Prophetic Underground “The emergent prophetic in a postmodern world”
The Order of the Mustard Seed Count Zinzendorf’s holy secret society lives! “True to Christ, Kind to people, Gospel to the nations”
The Heresy
Revelation of the Lost Keys An interactive online prophetic book by Kevin Paul
The Mercy Site Contemplative prayer for evangelicals; particularly focuses on intersections between intercessory prayer, prophetic listening, & contemplative prayer
Punk Monk Andy Freeman and Pete Grieg
Revival School & John the Baptist TV – Andrew Storm
Godspeak Prophetic school and list with a strong emphasis on the priesthood of all believers
Communion With God Mark and Patti Virkler (Practical teaching on lectio divina and listening for God’s prophetic speaking.)
Wholeness Ministries Mike Evans
Awakening1s Ron & Karen Rohman
Art Katz Apostolic Community, Apocalypse, & Messianic perspective: a clear, unique voice
IHOP Network No, not the pancakes silly: International House of Prayer Network
The Parabola Exploring Christ as Reality
Sapphire Leadership Group with Arthur Burk (formerly Plumbline Ministries)
New Earth Tribe
Catch the Fire
Joel News
The Jesus Army
Trumpet Call
Healing Rooms
Christian Healing Ministries Francis and Judith MacNutt
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center
Disciple The Nations (Canada)
God Is Still Speaking
Open Heaven Ron & Barbara McGatlin
Lapstone Ministries Dreams & Interpretation Revival authors, history, and current
24-7 Prayer
Mantle Of Praise
Mountain of Worship South Carolina
Prayer For All People
Reformed & Embracing Spiritual Gifts “Experiential Calvinism”: anti-cessationist
Apocalipsis Charismatic Chaos? Or Quenching the Spirit?
Shulamite Martha Kilpatrick
Bethel Church Redding, CA Bill Johnson
A Place Called Hope Miami, Florida
Joy Revolution Benjamin & Stephanie Dunn
Deeper Christian Life International
Miracle Valley Archives Documenting the life and ministry of Rev. A. A. Allen and Miracle Valley
Ancient Wells Includes 30-year PDF archive of Voice of Healing magazine!
BlogRodent Pentecostal Rumination & Review
Fighting to Stay Awake
In The Beginning
Jericho Ministry
The One Thing
In His Name
Provision International
Sing Around Your Throne Keith & Sanna Luker
Lamar Boschman
Lily Band
River of Life
Doug Addison
Greg Austin
Iris Ministries Heidi & Rolland Baker
Chip Brogden
Ken Brown
Arthur Burt
Wes & Stacey Campbell
Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda
Michael Clark
Pam Clark See also her blog
Randy Clark
Kim Clement
Bobby Conner
Graham Cooke
A Wilderness Voice
Paul Keith Davis
Jack Deere
Tammy Faye Enjoy your heavenly glory, sister!
Francis Frangipane
Jim Goll
Dudley Hall
The late Ruth Ward Heflin
SJ Hill Enjoying God
Elvis Iverson
John Paul Jackson
Bill Johnson
Bob Jones (not the university!)
Art Katz
Eddie & Susan Hyatt
Martha Kilpatrick
Andre Lefebvre
Roberts Liardon
Floyd & Sally McClung
John Moore
Ben Pasley
Robin Pasley
Larry Randolph
Mickey Robinson
Tri Robinson
David Robison Chesapeake, VA
John Scotland
Bob Sorge
Malcolm Smith
Enjoying God
Jack Taylor
Wade Taylor
Sandy Warner
Roger Whipp
Gary Wiens
Pneuma Foundation
Ruach (Breath of Life) Ministries
Society of Pentecostal Studies
Hollenweger Center for Pentecostal studies
Jesus Camp Controversial documentary examining the soul of children’s Pentecostalism in the US
Signs, Wonders, and Spiritual Gifts One of the best, and most succinct, scriptural summations of signs, wonders, & spiritual gifts we’ve read.
Vineyard Papers Solid discussions on controversial issues like responding to criticism and the miraculous

For more Spirit-filled resources, see our Worship section

Celtic Christianity

“The Case For The Celtic Church” Scholarly article
Celtic Art and Cultures
Celtic Christianity
Celtic Christian Tunes
Celtic Spirituality notes by Dennis Doyle
David’s Celtic Christianity Page
Firth’s Celtic Scotland
Jordan Cooper’s Celtic Resources
Monastic Ireland
Stuart’s Celtic Christianity Page

Hebraic Roots/Messianic Jewish:

Messianic Literary Corner Grace-Oriented, New Covenant Messianic Jews
Messianic Freedom Association
Grace, Law & Sonship
Ariel Ministries
Messiah Revealed 300 prophecies from the Hebrew Scriptures examined
Temple Builders Hebrew Roots, George Warnock RealAudio
Ben Israel Messianic Apocalyptic Perspective & Apostolic Community: a clear, strong voice
Hebrew Streams Ancient Hebrew elements in the New Testament
Caspari Ministries
Christian Jew Foundation
I Am Bible Studies on the Law and the Believer
Saltshakers Messianic Community Love, Balance, Respect
Beth Chesed Messianic Congregation Tacoma, WA
Jerusalem Perspective Exploring the Jewish Background to the Life and Words of Jesus
Hebrew For Christians
Restoration Ministries Hebraic/ Prophetic
Hebraic Heritage Ministries International
Jews For Jesus
Recovering Hebrew Roots
Follow The Rabbi “Thinking Hebrew”
Messianic Messages
Azuza Messianc Worship Band
Lederer Messianic Jewish Catalog
Baruch Assembly New Orleans, LA
Congregation Beth Hallel, Roswell, GA
Yachad Ministries
Messianic Congregations of Grace
Messianic Congregation Finder
Mega Messianic Launch Site

Native American Tribal Ecclesia

Society for New Gatherings Ray & Liz Levesque
Broken Walls First Nations music
First Nations Monday
Healing The Land
Indigenous Messengers International Dr. Suuqiina (Inuit) & Rev. Qaumaniq (Cherokee) Suuqiina, Portland, TN
Three Feathers Gathering Richmond, VA
Wiconi International Hecel Lena Oyate Kin Nipi Kte
Yai Wanonabalewa: The Enemy God A Yanomamo Shaman’s Story

Rainbow People/Hippies

Daosu Check out the Testimony of Michael Paulólong but very interesting!
Hippie Bible The Phat News of Mark
Hollywood Free Paper
Jesus Army UK
Jesus Movement Great Awakening
Jesus Movement Pamphlets and Tracts
Jesus Movement Webring
Jesus People History
Jesus People Webring
Lonnie Frisbee Controversial movie, and information site
Rainbow People

Punk Monks(Oh, you’ll just have to see now, won’t you!):

3 Children In The Fiery Furnace
Death To The World Children of the Burning Heart: Zine
Never Mind the Bibles A Theology of Punk: “An online book about the often overlooked spiritual aspect of punk rock.”
The Pink Nun Not a “punk monk” per se, but I think she’s definitely in good company here.
Punk Monk
The Punk Priest
Youth of the Apocalypse Monks John Marler and Andrew Wermuth: “We don’t want a homogenized smiling American godÖ.We want to discover hard grueling reality.”

Bleeding EdgePunk and Goth

Christian Goth The piano intro alone is worth clicking this link…
Glorious Undead London, England
Gothhammer Mike Perschon (See also here)
IHCOYC XPICTOC COTHP rockapologetix, Hungary. Subtitles are in Latin: 1 John 3:8, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil”; and this from Augustine: “You have made us for Yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until we find rest in You.” Ohóand check out the music, too!
Nails Ft Worth, TX: “Taking the Gospel of Jesus to People Who Live Under the Stairs”
Revolution Churches Jay Bakker: Atlanta, Charlotte, and New York City
Underground Railroad The hub of some…genuinely strange fellowships and ministries!

Magazines & Journals

Affirmation & Critique
Body Life
Cabinet Magazine
Catapult Magazine
Christian Century
Christian Week Canada: “What on earth is God doing today?”
Christianity Formerly “Christianity + Renewal,” England’s answer to Christianity Today.
Christianity Today
Circle Six Magazine
Conversations Spiritual Formation Journal
Cultural Encounters
The Culture Beat
Eureka Street A publication of Jesuit Communications Australia
First Things
Geez Magazine
Good Magazine (and the company)
Image Journal of Arts and Religion
Kud-Logos Multilingual E-Journal on Faith and Culture; from Slovenia
New Pantagruel “Hymns in the Whorehouse” (archives): “…primarily a voice of Öpopulist, anti-liberalÖdissentÖ.the discipline of place.” Fascinating!
Ode Magazine
The Other Journal Hauerwas and Campolo and Wink, oh my!
Plain Truth
Prism “America’s Alternative Evangelical Voice”: Evangelicals for Social Action
Relief Journal
Response from Seattle Pacific
Ruminate faith in Literature and Art
Salvo Magazine Science, Sex, Society: The Society of St. James
Sovereign Grace Magazine Archives up to Spring, 2003
Third Way The Christian world through modern eyes
Touchstone “A journal of mere Christianity”
Wittenburg Door Magazine Scathing Christian/religious satire
Wrecked For the Ordinary “We do not seek what is, but rather what should be”

PoMo Christian Webrags(As the modernist underpinnings & assumptions of Western society are crumbling, what are those who live by Jesus’ life discovering? See these sites for healthy “deconstuction” and fresh vision):

The Shack is a must-read for friends of God in emerging culture. It’s uncanny.
Wikiklesia Project Ecclesial publishing experiment. Volume 1, Voices from the Virtual world, is available. Get it now! All proceeds benefit the Not For Sale Campaign!
The Ooze Conversation For The Journey
Next Wave Magazine, a cornucopia of Christ-informed postmodern thought
The Porpoise-Diving Life A plucky and profound portal picking up where Purpose-Driven peters out
EmergANT II The skinny on the global emerging church, courtesy of Andrew Jones
Emerging Parents
The Church Then and Now
Spokane Emergent Cohort
Sustainable Faith
Wrestles with God Sometimes you love Godósometimes you fight himósometimes both: Andy
Emergent Village A generative missional conglomeration of perpendicular hypoteneuses. Nah, just kidding. These folks are great.
Emerging Church Dot Info from England
Clarion Journal of Spirituality and Justice
Communique Literary and arts journal
Catapult Magazine
Church and Postmodern Culture
Wikipedia On Emerging Church The ever-debated, always changing, open source “definition.” (See also Theopedia‘s entry, which is at least consistently negative!)
Wikiverse and Free Dictionary Reflecting variations on the theme
Squidoo on emerging church. Apparently by some fellow named Andy Dragt, Grand Rapids, MI
Microclesia “Exploring the intersection of faith and technology”: Really?
Next Reformation
Voices In The Wilderness Journal Older, but great articles
Death To The World by the Punk Monks
Geez Magazine
Future Shape of Church
The Embracing Church
Generous Orthodoxy A call for renewing the center
Wise Traveller
Wrecked For the Ordinary “We do not seek what is, but rather what should be.”
Culture Is Not Optional
Kingdom Now 95 ground-breaking theses “to challenge nationalism in the churches”
Radical Church 95 more paradigm-shifting theses
Faithmaps Over 500 articles and links, Stephen Shields
316 Journal
Third Day Churches Church in the Third Millennium
Relational Christianity
House To House
Present Testimony Frank Viola
Spoke: Journal of Christ
The Heresy Find emerging, house church, Anabaptist and prophetic material and more on Leighton Tebay’s eclectic site
Ginkworld John O Keefe
Giant Revolution
Christian Counterculture Gently post-Reformed dissent.
Wonder Cafe Canada
Zadok Journal Australia (archives here)
Shoot The Messenger Australia
Church Hacker
Reality Magazine New Zealand
Hedge Society
ReGeneration Quarterly Journal The late and lamented. Sigh.
Faithworks Another one bites the dust; all that’s left here is the archives (well worth a look).
The Other Journal Hauerwas and Campolo and Wink, oh my!
Small Voices Journal
Greenbelt Insight (UK)
New Wineskins Emerging Church of Christ magazine
Boundless Webzine …or is it?
Relevant Magazine
Thirst Magazine
Jesus Radicals Full-orbed Christian Anarchy
Anabaptism Today A quality publication by Anabaptists in Britain and Ireland
Journey With Jesus
Quaker Ranter
Stuff Happens A network for tertiary students, Melbourne, Australia
U2 Sermons
Sakamuyo Christian Fellowship Life and faith on the island of misfits
The Shovel Dang good and clearheaded: “Dig with me and uncover the joy of life and freedom that’s been buried under piles of religious dirt.” Note: the most recent entry is called the “Latest Scoop.”
Ship of Fools “The Magazine of Christian Unrest”
Godspy “Faith at the Edge,” Catholic p.o.v.
Spirituality Today Catholic perspective
Busted Halo Catholic perspective
Desert Wisdom “Gateway to Ancient Mystical Christianity” Eastern Orthodox perspective
Method X from Upper Room
XXX Church “The #1 Christian Porn Site”
Radical Christ Post-conservative angst.
Apostate Cafe
Emergent Southeast Southeastern US emerging voices
10 Questions For God
Wanderings of a Postmodern Pilgrim
Wibsite Faith
Leaving Fundamentalism
Spiritual Living
Phuture Serving The Second Reformation
Dechurched Surviving Christianity and its Opponents
Anne Lamott
Diana Butler Bass
Walter Brueggemann
Eric Michael Bryant
Winn Collier
Andy Crouch
Margaret Feinberg
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Stanley Grenz 1950-2005. He is now with Christ in Glory.
Thomas Hohstadt
Erwin Raphael McManus
DJ Chuang
Fischtank John Fischer
Becky Garrison Religious Satirist
Dan Gilliam
Shane Hipps
Andy Hunter
Todd Hunter
Rob Lacey 19622006
Brian McLaren
Jim McGuiggan
Jarrod McKenna
Jack Miles
Sara Miles
Don Miller (See also Don Miller Fans)
Ian Mobsby
Kary Oberunner
Doug Pagitt
John O’Donohue
John Perkins
Andrew Perriman
Anne Rice
Fleming Rutledge
Howard Snyder
Steve Stockman
Leonard Sweet
Barbara Brown Taylor
Phyllis Tickle
Matthew Paul Turner
Joel Vestal
TheoCentriC Rich Vincent: “ravings of an amateur pastor, hack theologian, and wannabe mystic”
Sheridan Voysey
Jessamyn West Quaker author
Dallas Willard
Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury
Lauren Winner
Philip Yancey
Martin Zender
Heather Zydek
Fluid Tradition

For more whole-grain emerging goodness, see our Whiz-Bang Cutting-Edge Post-Modern “Ministries” section.

‘Blogs (People’s online journals, or “Weblogs.” Updated regularly, ideally daily) for the Peeps, and other personal sites:

Aggregate Blogs:

Boar’s Head Tavern Community ‘blog
Blogs4God A Sites Unseen-like directory devoted to the Blogging Arts. Highly recommended.
The High Calling Blogs Christian professionals
RevGalBlogPals Women Pursuing or Discerning a Christian Vocation: women clergy, women church professionals, and women religious
Progressive Revival “Faith, Values, & Politics for the 21st Century,” a Beliefnet blog
The Thinklings Jared, Mark, Phil, Bird, Bill
Voxtropolis A blogging cyber city


2 Church Mice
A Cup of Rich
I Found What You Were Looking For Just Now Cincinnati, OH
A Modern Ancient
Aaron Klinefelter
Aaron Saufley
Achievable Ends Bill Kinnon, Canada
Accidental Blog Sarah
Accidental Procrastination Elliot Swan
Adam Ellis Adventures in Following Jesus
Adam Feldman
Addison Road “The TIGER BEAT of emerging church blogs”
Adrian’s Warnock
Adventure Paul Cracknell
Adventures in Homemaking Alina Stefanescu
Aedificium Jay Larson
After the Future
AG Think Tank Promoting pastoral renewal
AJP’s Blog
Alan Creech
Alan Mann
Alex Smart
All Said and Done Rebecca Matheson
Allan R. Bevere Cambridge, OH
America’s Young Theologian Dan Morehead
Anabaptist Monk Tim Sean Youmans
Anamchara: The Website of Unknowing Carl McColman; Stone Mountain, GA: one of the finest blogs out there on mysticism and the spiritual life
Anchored in Burundi Kelley Johnson, Bujumbura, Burundi
Anchorite A Coptic Orthodox ‘blog; Andrew Mitry; Washington, DC
Ancient Evangelical Future
Andrew Hubbard Canada
Andrew Jones
Andrew Martin
Andrew Perriman
Andrew Seely
Andrew Sullivan
Andy Goodlif
Anil Dash
Ann Pittman Austin, TX
Another Think Charles Lehardy
Anthony Bradley St. Louis, MO
Around the Lord’s Table Kriston (Couchey)
Aun Estamos Vivos
Gary Roberts
Authentic Mission Andrew Kenny; Belfast, Northern Ireland
Awaiting Rain Bill Huffhine, former UMC pastor: “A spiritual voyager through a purification of religion back to the simplicity of love.”
Awakening to Numinous Joy Susan
Awakening Mike Croghan, Washington, DC
Axe Grinder Jason Kranzusch; Jackson, MS
Backyard Believers
Backyard Missionaries Andrew “Hamo” Hamilton; Perth, Australia
Bald Blogger Phil in TX
Bald Man Blogging Cory Aldrich
Baptists Today Blogs Tony Cartledge
Barry Taylor See also Shuffle
Bart Campolo Archives here
Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion; archives here.
Based on a True Story Nathan Colquhoun
Bear Witness to the Love of God in This World Ken Carter
The Beautiful Heresy Brian Smith; West Chester, OH; Archives here
Beauty and Depravity Eugene Cho; Seattle, WA (See news article about himhere.)
Being Church: Missionally Shaped Timothy Miekley
Being Free Todd Watkins; Amsterdam, Netherlands
A Believer’s Journal Waterloo, IA
Believing Thomas Atlanta, GA
Ben Askew Sheffield, England
Ben Byerly’s Blog Nairobi, Kenya
Ben Devries
Ben Witherington
Bene Diction Blogs On
Beyond Rivalry: A Girardian Blog; archives here.
Big Hair Preacher Tim Lucas
Bill Dahl
Bill Cummings Raleigh, NC
Bill Heroman Jacksonville, FL
Biscotti Brain
Bit of Smoke
Black Coffee Reflections
The Blackthorn Project
Blaine Hogan; archives here under Thoughts from Mars
Blind Beggar
The Blingdom of God Jeff Trexler
BLIP Isaac & Jason; Raleigh, NC
Blog In My Own Eye Keith Brenton; Little Rock, AR
Blue Christian on a Red Background Jon Trott, Jesus People USA, Chicago
Bob Carlton
Bob Hyatt
Bobblehead Jeff Jeff Ramsey
Bold Grace
Bonovox and Friends Raphael K. Barberg, an Orthodox deacon in the Buffalo police dept.
Book of Mev
Brackish Faith B.E. Wheatley
Brad Boyston
Breakfast Fires Alex Bryan
Brett Tilford
Bridget Jones Goes To Seminary Meg Jenista
J.R. Briggs
The Burnside Writers’ Blog
Camel Bo
Camel’s Nose
Can You Believe? Johan and Judy Maurer, American Quakers in Russia
Captain Sacrament Kyle Potter
Cara Davis; Baby blog here.
The Carnival in My Head Kathy Escobar
Cathy’s Grace Notes
Cerulean Sanctum Dan Edelen; Cincinnati,OH
Change the Way You See The World Michelle Perry
Chaordic Journey Jeff Rhodes
Changing Worship
Charis Shalom
Charles Pharis; archives here.
Cheaper than Therapy Rick, Tampa, FL
Chet Harvey
Chilly Chilton Archives here and here.
Christians in Context: from Orthodoxy to Orthopraxy
Christi Krug
Christopher Dale Best Tulsa, OK
Church As Art Troy Bronsink, Atlanta, GA; Archives here.
Church Leadership Conversations Andy Rowell
Chrisendom Chris Tilling; Tubingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (archives here.)
Christian Feminist
Chuck Warnock Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor
Church and Postmodern Culture A conversation hosted by James KA Smith and Baker Academic
Churchless Christian Philip Edwards; Auckland, New Zealand
Church Then and Now Eddie Gibbs & Kurt Frederickson, Archives here and here
The Wandering Observer Kim Petersen
Circular Thoughts
Circle Squared
City Business Church
Clay in His Hands Eija; Finland (Photos here; archives here. Clayton’s Emergings Philip Clayton
Coffeebean Chronicles Chris
CollideOScope Joe Bumbulis, Waco, TX
Coloring Outside the Lines Denise Washington; Colorado Springs, CO
Communion of Hearts Artists in New York City
Community of Jesus
Compassion in Politics
Compassionate Justice Bob Scott
Confessional Christian Grixoni
Confessions of a Doubting Thomas Ricky Carvel, Edinburgh, Scotland
Conjectural Navel Gazing AngloBaptist
The Connexion Richard Hall, Wales
Consolation Champs
Consuming Jesus Paul Louis Metzger
Conversation at the Edge Helen Mildenhall
Cracked Pots Jose & Mayra Humphreys; Harlem, NY
Creatio ex Nihilo Don Heatley
Crispin Schroeder Kenner, LA
Crooked Shore
Crowbar Massage Eric Blauer; Spokane, WA
Crunchy Con Rod Dreher
Cyber Monk Steph, UK
Dale Fincher
Dan Brennan Faith Dance ñ an intriguing blog on cross-gender friendships in the Body of Christ
Dan Kimball Vintage Faith
Dan King Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dan Philips
Dan Wilt St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Daniel Hixon Gloria-Deo
Daniel’s Journey
Daniel Renstrom
Darren Rowse Wondering why this one’s not updated too much? Doncha know Darren is the ProBlogger?
Daryl and Charlene Dash
Dave Blakeslee
Dave Faulkner UK
Dave Ferguson
Dave Lynch Dingwall, UK; archives here.
Dave The Rave archives here.
Dave Wainscott archives here.
David Crowder
CharisMissional David Derbyshore
David Hopkins (archives here).
David Swanson Signs of Life
David Trigueros
David Wierzbicki
David Wilcox
Dead to My Flesh
Decompose Mike Duran, SoCal
Decompressing Faith Erin; Portland, OR
Denise Day Spenser
Dennis Baker
Derek Eidse
Desert Spirit’s Fire!
Desiring Life Luke Brasel
A Desperate Kind of Faithful Chris L. Rice; Chicago, IL
Devilish Duck
DG Hollums The Life of a Cultural Architect
Diamond-Cut Life Alison Wiley, Portland, OR: “Chiseling our consumption down to the core of happiness.” Archiveshere.
A “difference that makes a difference” Caroline Ramsey
Dirty Shame John in Colorado
Disaster Area Dave Paisley
Discombobula Sue from Melbourne, Australia
Dissecting the Divine
The Dive
DJ Chuang (See also Coast 2 Coast Move; archives here)
Dr. Platypus Darrell Pursiful, Macon, GA: “I’m a Baptist, but not a very good one.”
Don Miller Portland, OR
Don Rogers TX; archives here.
Don’t Eat Alone Milton, United church of Christ
Don’t Call Me Veronica Tony Myles
Don’t Stop Believing ‘Why Living Like Jesus is Not Enough;’ Mike Wittmer
Doug Hoag
Doug Pagitt Archives ñ are you ready? here and here and here. Goodness gracious Doug. We hope you like your new e-home, and decide to stick around a while!
Dream Awakener JR Woodward; Los Angeles, CA (archives here)
The Dreaming Revolutionary Don Davis
Drew Goodmason
Driftwood Heather Cracknell
Dual Ravens Patrick Oden; Archives here.
Dwight Friesen
Earl Barnett Atlanta, GA
Eric Michael Bryant Los Angeles, CA
The Eagle and Child Marc Vandersluy
Eclectic Jeremy Postal; Abbotsford, BC
Ecclesial Dreamer James Mills (Archives here)
Ed Freitas
Ed Stetzer
Ein Augenblick Daniel Hufeisen; Marburg, Germany; Archives here
Ekklesia Project
Elsewhere in Dreams
Emancipation of the Freed Tom Zawacki; Pasco, WA
Emergent Adventure Bobby Brewer; Scottsdale, AZ
Emergent Church & Culture Xanga blogring
Emerging Conservative Tom Hypes
Emergent Kiwi Steve Taylor
Emergent Village Archives here.
Emerging Christianity Peter Walker, Corvallis, OR
Emerging Pensees Mike Clawson; Yorkville, IL
Emerging Sideways
Empire Remixed
En Christo Ekaputra Tupamahu, Indonesia
Entering the Conversations Rex Hamilton
Eric Michael Bryant
Eric Swanson Louisville, CO; archives here
Erica Schemper
Erling Thu Bergen, Norway; archives here.
Evan Lauer
Evangelical Outpost Joe Carter
Everyday Liturgy with Thom Turner
Existential Christianity Timothy Neal; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia: “faithful Christianity in a faithless Christendom”
Existential Punk Adele Sakler; Richmond, VA
Experimental Theology Richard Beck; Abilene, TX
Christian Scharen
Faithfully Dangerous
Faithfully Liberal
Faithmaps Stephen Shields; archives here.
Faith and Theology
Fajita’s Blog Chris Gonzalez; MN (archiveshere)
Fake Expressions of the Unknown
Familyhood Church
Fasting From TV: Feasting on Life David Jones and Betsy Whaley
Father Neo’s White Rabbit
Father Steve Rice; archiveshere
The Feral Pastor Tim Thompson, Lutheran, Maplewood, MN: “Missional in a house church mode.”
Fernando’s Desk Fernando Gros
Filling My Patch of Sky Erin Straza
Finding Rhythm Zach Lind: “Holons emerge.”
The Fish Wars Wendee Holtcamp
Fishers, Surfers and Casters Paul in Australia
For God’s Sake, Shut Up! Brian Kaylor
Fors Clavigera James K.A. Smith
Floydville Doug Floyd; Archives here and here.
Fluctuating Certainty Karen Gerber, West Chicago, IL
For the Time Being Geoff Holsclaw, Chicago
Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta
Forward! Frank Spencer; Savannah, GA
Freedom Log Frank Emanuel Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
GalliBlog Mark Galli, suburban Chicago
Gary Goodell Third Day Churches, San Diego, CA
Gathering In Light
Gavin Richardson
Gene Jennings Quest For a New Perspective
Gentle Fudge Sara: gypsy wanderer, United States
Gentle Wisdom Peter Kirk, UK: It looks like this one is true to its title!
Andrew C. Thomson
Geoff Bullock
TheGeoffRe(y)port Geoff Matheson, Australia
Gerrard Fess
Gideon Strauss
Ginkworld John O’ Keefe; see also Emergent Evolution
Girl meets God
GLUE Mark DeYmaz
frequently asked questions Patrik Hagman; Pargas, Finland
God Is Not Elsewhere Gareth Higgins; Belfast, Ireland
koinonia Erik Ullestad, Des Moines, IA
The-God-Who-Speaks Blog of Brad Jersak, author of Can You Hear Me?
God-Hungry Jim Martin, Waco, TX
Godgrown Mark Willis
Godspace Christine Sine
God’s Politics Jim Wallis & friends; archives here.
Going Sara ‘blog by a fortysomething Episcopal church secretary
God Thoughts
Good Will Hinton “A conscientious objector in the culture war”
Good Word Editing Mark Goodyear, Kerrville, TX; archives here
Gospel of the Living Dead Kim Paffenroth, PhD: author of Zombie fiction.
Grace Head Trent Fuller
Grace Writer Jim Lee
Graham Doel Morecambe, Lancashire
Greg Adkins Knoxville, TN; archives @ Emerging Minister
Greg Burnett Charlotte, NC
Grounded and Rooted in Love Matt & Laura, Kittamaqundi Community Church
Groans from Within Kurt
Guitars and Theology Tim & Carrie Miller, Delaware
Gunnar Falk Beaverton, OR; archives here.
Guy Named Dave Dave Bruno
Hacking Christianity Jeremy Smith
Harp Strings April Stace
Headspace Lainie Petersen
Hear Him Andre & Mary-Anne Rabe; archives here
Sweet Indigo Helen Louise, UK: “I’m a liberal Christian Agnostic Universalist, meaning that I don’t think I believe in God but if I do, he’s nice.”
Helen Mildenhall Love is the most excellent way.
The Heresy Leighton Tebay
Holiness Reeducation Greg Arthur
Holy Heteroclite Dave Wainscott on Church and Culture
Homebrewed Christianity Tripp Fuller
Homeless in America
Nova Initia “Fresh. Messy. Authentic. ”
Hopeful Daniel Christian Pacifist, Common Christian Party
House Church Blog Roger Thorman
Pam Hogeweide Stumptown, OR
Hugh Halter Denver, CO
Hugo Schwyzer; archives here.
Humble Orthodoxy with Josh Harris. Yeah, the I Kissed Dating Goodbye guy. Why on earth am I linking him? I dunno; he blogs regularly, and its interesting to know what the Other is thinking sometimes.
Hungry & Thirsty John Lynch
Hypersync Bob Griffith
Ian McKenzie
Ian Mobsby London; archives here.
Ian Morgan Cron, author of Chasing Francis (St Francis Assisi)
… and she was Renee Alston
I wonder as I wander
iBlog Ryan Smith, IN
Adam Moore Waco, TX; Archives here and here.
Ill-legalism Rick Presley and Rachel Ramer; includes a blog by “Pastor Gamaliel: A satirical advice column for ‘aspring Pharisees'”
Imgagined Reality
In Search of Kingdom Living
Indestructible Life with “Buck Eschaton”
Indie Davis Nashville, TN
Beams and Struts
Infinitely Vast Kelly, Houston
Internet Monk Michael Spencer also blogs at Jesus-Shaped Spirituality
Into the Desert
Into The Mystic Alex McManus
Invisible Sun Darren Friesen
Irregular Christian
Is This the way? Andrew in the Netherlands
J-Walking David Kuo
Jake Bouma
James Branum
Jason Boyett (See also his Relevant Blog)
Jason Clark Emergent UK; Jason’s also blogging at Deep Church
Jason Evans
Jason Gore Raleigh, NC
Jason Things; archives here
Jason Zahariades
Jay Guin One in Christ
Jay Voorhees
Jazz Thelogian archives (More archives here and here)
Jeff Garrett Huntington, WV
Jeff Goins Pilgrimage of the Heart
Jeff Kuhn
Jeff Ramsey Raleigh, NC
Jeff Lam Joy Comes In the Morning
Jeff Reimer “Verbing weirds language”
Jeffrey Davis Hermitage, TN; Archives here.
Jen Lemen
Jendi Reiter
Jeremy Del Rio; archives here.
Jerod MacPherson
Jess’s Journal Unitarian Universalist
Jesus and the End of Religion Lloyd
Jesus Creed Scot McKnight; Chicago, IL;
Jesus Manifesto Mark Van Steenwyk
Jesus Needs New PR Matthew Paul Turner
Jesus-Shaped Spirituality Michael Spencer also blogs at Internet Monk
theo|digital Chris Ridgeway, youth spiritual director, Great Commission Ministries
Jim Kastkeat Stop. And Breathe
Jim Palmer Nashville, TN; archiveshere
Jo Blogs Joanna Cruickshank; Melbourne, Australia
Jo Guldi San Francisco, CA
Joe Holda
John Frye Archives here; Grand Rapids, MI
Lyn Hallewell
John H. Armstrong of “Act 3”
John Jensen Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
John O’Hara Oakland, CA
John Smulo
Jolly Blogger David Wayne
Jonathan Bullock Sleevenotes 101
Jonathan Whittemore
Jonathan Herron Kent, OH
Jonathan Merritt
Jonathan Morgan; archives here
Johnathan Norman
Jonathan Stegall
Jonny Baker
Jordon Cooper
Josh Brown
Josh Lyon Toronto, Ontario
Joshua Case
The Journey Rick Ellis
Journeys In Between Matt Stone; archives here.
Julie Clawson One Hand Clapping: Yorkville, IL; formerly here.
Julie Unplugged
Just an Apprentice C.V., Mennonite pastor, engaged in “conversation with Orthodoxy,” Lancaster, PA
Just the Roadie Brian Palmer
Justin McRoberts
Karey Swan
The Kedge Kevin Rains; Cincinnati, OH
Keeping Feet
Ken and Sarah Walker
Machines for Living Ken Archer; archives here.
Ken’s Therapy Ken Storey
Kevin Powell
Kim Gentes
Kingdom Come Pastor Rod, Elk Grove Village, IL
Kingdom Grace, archives at Emerging Grace
Kingdom Living Matt Dabbs
Kingdom Praxis Eliacin Rosario-Cruz
Kneel In Wonder at Heaven Touching Earth Paul Sibley, UK
Knightopia Steve Knight Charlotte, NC
Kouya Kronicle
Kristian Vante
Kriston’s Blog Kriston Couchey
Kyle Martin Canada
Kyle Mason Ontario, Canada
Kyle Mitchell “Living the contemplative lifeÖ(yeah right)”
Land In Love
The Land of the Ultra Rev
Laryn and Janel
Late Emerger Andrew Martin, Oxford, UK
Latina Liz Liz Rios; archives here
Laura’s Writings
Leadership Jazz 2 Gabriel Chan
Leading Questions Ed Brenegar, Western NC
Leading with a Limp Matt Singley
Len Evans
Letters from Kamp Krusty Brant Hansen
Letters from the Perilous Realm
Let’s Move to the Moon
Levellers Michael L. Westmoreland-White, Louisville, KY
Liam Byrnes Aberdeen, Scotland; archives here
Life to the Lees Gary Long, Houston, TX
Lilly’s Pad Lilly Lewin Cincinnati, OH
Liveblog Christianity Today‘s blog
A Living Alternative Jamie Arpin-Ricci, Canada; Archives here and here
Living In Liminality
Living On Both Ends
Living Open Source
Living Spirituality Greg Laughery, L’Abri, Switzerland
Living the Resurrection
Living Theology
Living word by word American Lutheran Pastor Pam serving in Munich, Germany
Lizard Liz Creech
Logistics and Logos (Tommy) Preson Phillips
Looking for Questions Jason Barmer, Franklin, TN
Losing My Religion archives here
Lost Empires, Living Tribes Matt Rees; Oxford, UK
Blogs Hugh Hollowell (also, here)
Maggi Dawn “An Anglican priest thinking out loud about theology”: Archives here.
Mainstream Baptist Dr. Bruce Prescott, Norman, OK
Making Disciples William T. Chaney Jr.
Malcolm Chamberlain Liverpool, UK
Mama Milton Lisa Wheeler Milton
Marc van der Woude Holland
Marcella’s Musings UK
Margaret Feinberg Juneau, Alaska
The Margins Erika Carney Haub, South Central LA
Mark D. Johnson
Mark DeYmaz Little Rock, AK
Mark Lee
Mark Oestreicher
Mark O. Wilson Hayward, WI
Mark Scandrette author of Soul Graffiti: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus
Markus Holland!
Mark Powell Granite City, IL
Martin Scott
Matt Cleaver Dallas, TX
Matt Gallion
Matt Gonzales
Matt Milliner Princeton, NJ
Matt Nissen Vancouver, WA
Matt Smay
Matt Squared (Archives here)
Matt Wiebe
Matthew Glock
Matthew Lickona La Mesa, CA
Matthew Thomas
McCarty Musings
Melvin Bray Atlanta, GA; Archives here
A Mending Shift Jeromy, Folsom, CA
Mercy Blog Mike Farley; Wool, Dorset,UK
Mercy Not Sacrifice
The Merge Eric Wright; Dayton, OH
Merging Lanes
Merry Monk “May God bless the hell out of you!”
Metalepsis Bryan Lee; Naples, FL
Michael Bells Waterloo, Ontario
Michael Cline Recliner Ramblings
Michael Chad Visca Philippines; archives here and here and here (Whew!).
Michael Hildalgo Holland, MI
Michael Kruse Kansas City, MO (Archives here)
Michael Ryan Norton The Near
Michael Toy
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Wegner
Microclesia John La Grou; Lake Tahoe, CA
Mijomo Michael J. Moore (Another one of them emerging/reformed/charismatic fellas); Salt Lake City, UT
Mike Cope Preacher Mike
Mike Devries
Mike Goldsworthy Teaching Pastor, Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach, CA
Mike King YouthFront Ministries, suburban Kansas City; also Jacob’s Well
Mike Leaptrott Augusta, GA
Mike Marqusee
Mike Rucker
Mike Todd; archives here.
The Mindful Mission Chicago
Miscellanies on the Gospel Rob Wilkerson; Athens, GA
Jonathan Brink, Folsom, CA
Monastic Mumblings
A Monk Living In The World
Monte Asbury Washington, IA
Mootblog; archives here
Mountain Masala Australia
Mrs. Metaphor
Much More of Jesus God’s Grace: Tripp Campbell
Mudlark Tales Kathy; Suwanee, GA
Sparrow tracks Shawnalyne
Musings of a Postmodern Negro Anthony Smith (Archives here)
Musings of a Missional Madman Eric Mashley; Taylors, SC
Musings Over a Cuppa Coffee Pastor Ken Beres
The Hyphen House LK; Houston, TX ñ See also Married to a Feminist for “Egalitarian Marriage (How We Make it Work)”
My Commonplace Book “A beautifully modern expression of a centuries-old idea.”
My Mystic Self Brian Foust, Boston, MA
My Righteous Indignation
MyQuest E. Scott Jones, Miami, OK
The Mystical Limpet Travis Greene, Durham, NC
Naked Aliens Paul Jensen, Pacific Northwest
Headphonaught’s Nanolog Bill Stockwell, Motherwell, Scotland
Nascent Narratives Shane Tucker; Ireland
Nathan Colquhon Toronto
Nathan Mattox
Nee People Laura and Jim: Antiochian Orhtodox; Archives here
Neil Craigan
Neither Here Nor There Archives here
Nevermind the Bricolage Barry Taylor
Nexus Jesus
Axios Robert Lord, Episcopal priest, central FL
New Covenant Rusty Lopez
New Wineskins
The Next Level Samuel West; Houston, TX
Next Reformation Len Hjalmarson
Nick Loyd Everett, WA
Noisy Ragamuffin
Not in Kansas Angie Osborne; archives here
Not Whistling Dixie Don Hendricks, Sun Lakes, AZ
Nouslife Andii Bowsher, “a husband, a father, and a priest”: Durham, UK
Novus Lumen Jeremy Bouma
Nu Church Bob Fisher
Of All the Liars Lisa: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Oikos Australia Organic Church
Olgy Gary
One Hand Clapping Julie Clawson, Yorkville, IL; formerly here.
Open Source Research Katharine Moody, Lancaster, UK, “a research blog about emerging Christian communities” ñ graduate student in Christianity and culture
Open Switch Ben Gray; Atlanta, GA
Ordinary Community Chris Marshall
Love God, Love Neighbor
O’Reilly Home Kyndra O’Reilly
Our Journey Rogier and Sophie Bos
Our Revolution Will Have Dancing Group ‘blog
Out of Ur Hosted by Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal
Outside Is Better
The Painted Prayerbook Word & Image & Faith
Paradoxology What a clever name.
Parchment and Pen Reclaiming the Mind, Michael Patton
The Parish Greg Horton of “The Parish” of Oklahoma City
Brian Schulenburg; Minneapolis, MN
Pass The Salt, Please Kris Barger; Bremen, GA
Pastor’s Buzz Buzz Trexler
Pastor’s Post Sandy Fitz
Patton Dodd, Colorado Springs, CO; archives here
Paul Baggaley Western Australia
Paul Fromont Thoughtful and deeply spiritual Anglican blog (New Zealand; with Alan Jamieson)
Paul Littleton
Paul Roberts UK
Paul Vieira Author of Jesus Has Left the Building; archives here
Paxton Family Adventures
A Peculiar Prophet Bishop Will Willimon (United Methodist), North Alabama
Per Christum Jonathan Bennett; archives here
Peregrinatio Doug Jones, spiritual director for youth: “helping students discover truth for themselves”
Ben Simpson: “theology, ethics, faithfulness”
Perth Anabaptist Nathan Hobby, Western Australia; see also his lit blog
Pete Rollins Dublin, Ireland; archives here
Peter J. Leithart
Philosophy Over Coffee Coffeepastor in the United Church of Christ
Pilgrim Guide Rob Robinson, Vancouver, WA; Archives here.
Pink Sneakers Sarah Louise; Pittsburgh, PA
Planet Telex Darren Wright Downunder; archives here.
PoMo Musings Adam Cleaveland; Princeton, NJ
Poop is Emergent Too
Poor Mad Peter’s Journal is now at Red Wine and Garlic
Poser or Prophet Dan Oudshoorn
Vancouver, BC, CanadaóWhat a thought-provoking blog! Archives here.
Possession Slave
Post Bourgie
Post-Congregational Christianity Very thought-provoking!
Postmodern Pentecostal Mystic Chris Hooten
Postmodern Pilgrim
Potler Tribe Baltimore, MD
Pragmatically Charged Stephen P., Youth for Christ Director, Pittsburgh, PA
Presentsense Paul Renner
The Prior’s Column Bede Thomas Mudge, OHC, Prior, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY: spiritual director
Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog Thoughtful & deeply spiritual Anglican blog (New Zealand; Paul Fromont and Alan Jamieson)
Progression of Faith Mike Leaptrott
Progressive Involvement John Petty
Proletariat Of God Chris Brenna; Minneapolis, MN
Promise and Peace Evan Curry
An Absolution Revolution Jason Barr
Provocative Church Bill Reichart, Vine Community Church, North Atlanta
Quaker Ranter Martin Kelley
RabboniÖwhich is to say, Master Lee Hodges; archives here and here.
Rachel Cunliffe NZ
Rachelle Mee-Chapman Seattle, WA; archives here
Stigen (The Path)
Mosiac Pastor Aaron Loy; Lincoln, NE
Ragamuffin Diva Claudia Mair Burney; Inkster, MI
Ragamuffin Soul Carlos Whitaker
Rain and the Rhinoceros R.O.Flyer
Random Cathy
Random Musings from a Doctor’s Chair Alex Tang, Malaysia
Randy Bohlender Kansas City, MO; archives here.
Randy Mooney
Raw Edges “Weavings of a Lutheran Pietist Goth”
Raymond Fleming Lansing, MI
Mere Disciple Jeff Strong
Ross Gale Portland, OR
Real Live Preacher Gordon Atkinson
Real Soul Surfing Rob Woodrum, cartoonist
Rebel Pilgrim Joe Boyd of Apex (archives here and here)
Reclaiming the Mission David Fitch
The Red Herring
Reformissionary Steve McCoy
Regan Clem
Reignite Radical Emergent Unitarian Blog: Stephen Lingwood, bisexual, liberal, evangelical, Anabaptist, Jesus-lovin’ Unitarian
Reimaginings Bill Colburn
ReIMAGINE Blog San Francisco, CA :
Relentless Grace Brian Baute
Remain Corey Hau
Rev22 Group ‘blog
Reverend Mommy Theresa Coleman, the wonderful woman who alphabetized these blogs! A round of applause!
Revolt Towards
The Revolution Starts at Home
Rhett Smith
Rhizone Dispatches from the Next Christendom
Richard Hall Wales
Richard Mouw
Rick Marshall
Rob Brink
Robert Pooley
Roger Hiduks
Rose Marie Berger Washington, DC
Rude Truth Princeton, NJ
Theoprudence Matt Ritchie; Abilene, TX
Rupert’s Blog
Rustin Smith Vox Dei Community, Kansas City
Rusty Hinges
Ryan Bell
Ryan Bolger Archives here.
Ryan Sharp San Francisco, CA
Ryan’s Radio Ryan Hale
Sacred Journey Foolishsage
Sally Coleman
Sam Clark Carson City, MI
Sam Liu Archives here.
Sandy Hudson Amarillo, TX
Santos Popsicles
Sarah Laughed Sarah Dylan Breuer; Cambridge, MA
Sarcastic Lutheran “The cranky spirituality of a postmodern Gal. Emerging church ala Luther”: Nadia Bolz-Weber; Denver, CO
Sarx Raphael
ScAtTeRbRaInEd “Unconventionally Yours”: CJ Morack & Sunshyne
Scott Harris
Scott Hodge Chicago, IL (archives here and here.)
Scott Vawser
Shavings Off My Mind
Sean Palmer Redwood City, CA
See Through Faith Lorna; Finland; archives here
Brittian Bullock Vancouver, WA; archives here and here: author/singer/songwriter/social activist/good friend
Serenity Dawn Michelle; West Cape, South Africa
Seth Barnes Radical Living in a Comfortable World
Sets’n’Service Tony Stiff
Shannon Smith Raleigh, NC
Sharp Iron Christian Beyer
Shaun Groves Nashville, TN; archives here
Shawna R.B. Atteberry
She Hopes by Andie
Shepherd Follower Tallahassee, FL
Simply Church Jon Dale
Simply Missional Chris Marlow
Sivin Kit Malaysia
Slacktivist Fred Clark
Sleepless In Toronto Angela
Small Town Abbot Pastor Tim Snyder
Smooch the Blog Andy
Solar Crash Long Wong; Archives here and here.
SoMA Review “Society for Mutual Autopsy”
Some Strange Ideas John Chandler
Soul Gardeners Thomas Smith, Johannesburg, South Africa
Soul Pastor Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sound and Silence
Soupablog Paul Soupiset
The Space Between my Ears Tyler Watson: “ed elli avea del cul fatto trombetta”
Spirit Farmer; archiveshere
Spiritual Politics
Square No More Paul Wyman, pastor, The Gathering, Salem, Massachusetts: engaged with Neo-Pagan culture
Steeler Dirt Freak Paul Oyler; Mercer, PA
Stephen Murray South Africa
Stephen Sizer
Steve McVey Douglasville, GA
Steve Wynkoop Wray, CO; archives here.
Stop and Breathe Jim K; Grand Rapids, MI Mark Crocker
Stopping Spot
Streets With Dwellings Lisa Samson
Subversive Influence Brother Maynard
Subversive Underground Keith Giles
Susan Isaacs
Tad Delay Little Rock, AR
The Sword Is Still Out Karen; TX
T Dad Tony Peterson; Nashville, TN
Tall Monastic Guy Do Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.
TallSkinnyKiwi Andrew Jones (NZ)
Tasmin Carter (archives: “How do you blog when your heart is breaking?”
Tatumweb BlogRodent: Pentecostal Rumination and Review
Tea with McNair C. McNair Wilson
Team Pyro The time-crunch morphing of Pyromaniac Phil Johnson: pithy Reformed angst. Santa Clarita, CA, and beyond
Ted Tschopp
Telling Secrets
Terra Nova
Theocentric Rich Vincent: “ravings of an amateur pastor, hack theologian, and wannabe mystic”
Theocity to Lovecity Kirk Bartha; Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Theolog Christian Century‘s ‘blog
Theological Musings Steve Sensenig, Boone, NC
Theos Poiema Brad, Ann Arbor, MI
Thin Edge of the Wedge Bill Lollar; Wales, UK
Thin Places Roy Donkin; Goleta, CA
Thin Spaces Darren Davenport
Think Christian
Think Theology Luke Beraty
The Thinking Minority
This Is Not An Exit Aaron Boeke, U.S./Mexican border; Bipolar II
Thomas Knoll Freelance Apostle and Community Advocate
Thoughts from a small west Texas town “It’s cooler by the lake”: Chris Robey, Granbury, TX
Thoughts from Mars Blaine Hogan (archives); Blaine is now blogging here
Thoughts of Resurrection
Thoughts on the Move Graham Ripple, pastor, Lawrence, KS
Tim Abare
Tim Keel
Todd Hiestand Philadelphia, PA
Todd Littleton The Edge of the Inside: read this if you like to dig a bit below the surface of thingsÖ
Tom Davis
Tony Jones Minneapolis, MN
Traci Rowe Raleigh, NC
Tread Lightly on the Things of the Earth Mike James
Tribal Church Carol Howard Merritt
Tritone Life the Raley brothers
Turbulent Cleric Paul Martin
Twenty-First Century Reformation Brad Hightower; Artesia, CA
Two and Two Makes Five Steve Nicholson; Raleigh/Durham, NC
Twist137 Wyeast
The Ultra Rev
Transformission Brad Andrews, St. Louis, MO
Under the Green Hill Simon; Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Under the Iceberg Sam Metcalf
Unfinished Christianity Virgil Vaduva; Dayton, OH
The Uprising
Dustin Bagby
Urban Army Gordon Cotterill
Urban Monk Brian Postlewait, Vancouver
Urban Onramps
Vanguard Bob Robinsion; Canton, OH
Velocity Dave Ferguson
Via Negativa Dave Bonta
Life from the Juniper Tree Greg Scandrett
Those Awake; Group ‘blog; Dallas, TX (Archives here)
W. David Phillips
Wade Hodges
Wade Rockett
A Walk in My Yellow Boots
Wandering Gellimac Julia; Pasedena, CA; you should also check out Searching for the Yeti An unlikely-named relationship ‘blog
The Way of Jesus
Way Out West Mark J Berry
Wayne Jacobsen
Wayne Park Bellingham, WA
We Can.Be The Beatitudes for Today’s World, Dave Andrews
Weary Pilgrim Ron Cole
Web Confession
Weight Lifting? Malaysia
Weird Hippy
Wendy Cooper
Wes Roberts
What Canst Thou Say? Robin M
What Would Jesus Eat? with Lucas Land
Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies
Whisky Prajer Anabaptist
The Why Man Phil Wyman; Salem, MA
Why Not? Tim Hallman
Wild Faith Blog of the Grateful Bear: Darrell Grizzle, Marietta, GA
The Jedi Life Jon Zuck; Norfolk, VA
Wilderness Thoughts
Willful Grace Pam Ferguson, Granbury, TX
Wishing Doesn’t Make It So A lifelong Seventh-day Adventist tries to make sense
Without A Map Amy M
Without Wax
revjohnhenson John Henson; Shreveport, LA (archives here)
Woodshavings Jimmy Chalmers, NC
Word of Mouth Iggy; Billings, MT
Words of Grace Joe Thorn
Rick Lord, Episcopal priest, VA
World Wide Neb Ben Bausili; OK
Worship and the Arts Paul Nethercott; Tokyo, Japan
Wrestling With God Carolyn Arends
Writing About Faith The integration of faith and writing
Jasen Ashdown
A Year of Grace Kris Day, toddler: “I now have 14 teeth and a new baby brother, Carter!”
Yearns & Groans Will, Episcopal priest, engaged to Matt
Zack Newsome
Zhook Kelly Nygren; Dallas, TX
Cat V Competitive Cyclist Theologue Gary Nebeker; Omaha, NE
Duncan MacLeod Queensland, Australia; archives here
Dust Covered St. Paul, MN
Integrate Pavi
Intentional Christian Community James Church; formerly here.
Kester Brewin
Shuck and Jive John Shuck
Steve Dustcircle Calumet City, IA
Toby Neal Gaylord,MI (“Sojourner”); archiveshere
Trevor Betchel Limature
Tantalizing If True

Blog ClassicsBlogs are normally envisioned as the stuff of ephermea; their value in their now-ness, their content worthless if not updated. But why must this be? Here are time-honored blogs that now rest, their snapshot of life intact.

Ahem Melissa Lathen
A Kingdom Space International ‘Blog
Ancora Imparo Stephen Cochenor
Andrew Delic Canada
August’s House Mel
Back of the North Wind An insightful blog by a “recovering fundamentalist” concerning the works of George MacDonald
Bad Habits The Emergent Abbey
Becoming Missional Jerry Frear; Central PA
Been There, Still There
Ben Dublow
Ben Harrell Muse
Blind Hog Press
Brhinoblog Brian King, Richmond, VA
Caroline Ingle Atlanta, GA
Chad Canipe with Christ in Glory
Chris Merritt (Archives here)
The Christian Cynic
Contemplative Activist
The Crimson Shadow Ben; IN
Curious Wonder
Dan Tshin
Daniel Robinson
David Fisher Archives here Darker Than Silence Anthony Barnhart
Demarkation Mark, Dallas, TX
The Doghouse Christopher MacDonald
Dorsey Marshall
Drive-Thru Society Phil; Fort Worth, TX
Ebert Blog
E-Church Tim Bendar
E-merging Daniel Payne, teacher in Korea
Enjoy Jesus Matthew Smith
Eric Evers
Every Voice a Sacred Voice Group ‘blog
Examining Emergent A critical-but not overly mean-spirited-look at emerging churches
Exagorazo Memphis,TN
Funnelcake Conspiracy Dave Wentz; archives here.
The late, lamented Generous OrthodoxyThink Tank
Glasnost Mlasdinsky Centar Glasnost, Skopje, Macedonia: “A voice in the urban desert.”
Harbinger Steve Bush
Grow Community
Healing Malchus
I Am Paradox Benjy Oliver; archives here.
Imitatio Christi
In Praise of Folly Steven Cleaver
In Rotation Jeremy Uriz; Lithia Springs, GA (See also his Chinese language blog here.)
Jacob’s Lair Jacob in Iowa
Jen Leonard; Columbus, OH; Archives here
Jered’s Blog
Joel Garver Assistant professor of philosophy, Philadelphia, PA
Jonathan Wright Mount Holly, NJ
Phaith of St. Phransus Jonathon Norman; Nashville, TN
Journey of a Ministry Man
Keith Drury
Lessons In-Habit
Life/Love/Freedom Rick Harris
Liquid Thinking
Live Life Abundantly Gerhard & Machtild Struckmann
Marc Davidson Oberlin, OH; archives here.
The Marginal Christian’s Handbook
Mark Palmer The late, d. 2006. He is now with Christ in glory.
Martin Roth
Matt Lind Charlottesville, VA
Micah 6:8 Rose Mawhorter
Micah Girl
Michael Box
Mike Morrell retired Xanga blog
Ministry of Incompetence David Castor; Sydney, Australia
Mother Nature’s Son? hOME, Oxford, UK
Mo(u)rning Guy
Nameless, Faceless Love International, Anonymous, Jesus-centered
Nate Sloan Religonate
Nile Gomez VA; archives here
Office Hour Thoughts Nathan McCorkindale: Altona, Manitoba, Canada
Parables Abigail Miller
Peter’s Rants
Phyllisophie Phyllis is a “psychotherapist who has gone underground” under a different alias
Posido Vega
Postmodern Salvationist Bill Finley, a Salvation Army brother
Post-Rapture Radio Rev. Richard Lamblove (Rev. Russell Rathbun): what a great read!
Quiet Rhythms Chadwick Walenga
Reimagine Youth Ministry Community ‘Blog
Roderick Garvin Charlotte, NC
(The Late) Robert Webber
Ryan Torma
Sabbatical Space Dan Allender; Bainbridge Island, WA
Sara Williams Amarillo, TX
Scott Baxter
Screwing for Viginity As in “Fighting for peace is like…” Group ‘blog
The Searching Jared Williams
SeekingÖ Joshua Olsen, Kent, WA
Seth Irby
The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
Shannon Hopkins Austin, TX (Archives here)
Sojourn Stories Susie Albert Miller
Sound of the Bugle Tanswell and Portia Davidse
Soylent Green Nampa, ID
The Speckled Mind
Spiritually Lonely
Stacy Rogers Austin, TX
Still Emerging Elizabeth Potter; Grand Haven, MI
Take My Hand Natalie Stadnick; Atlanta, GA
Tawd Bell
The Tension is Here Curtis
Trudi Matthews
U-Church Adventures in Wonderland
Unregulated Female
Urban Ekklesia Jared Looney
Viewpoints, Visions and Values David Humphreys
Wandering Wonderer Tim; Chicago, IL
The Way of the Cross Chris Smith; Indianapolis, IN
What God Taught Me Today Lukeprog
What Would Jesus Do Next? group blog “telling stories about Jesus”
Wind Rumors Paul Young, author of The Shack
Window Seat Jasmin Morrell; archives here.
Wired Parish Blog Jay Kelly
Wonderings & Wanderings Tim Conder
World of Sven Manchester, UK: A Proper Cup of Tea
Worship Experience Jim MacDonald; Austin, TX
Xphiles Eric Evers; Baltimore, MD

Message Boards(Common communication for the Hoi Polloi–that’s you and me): Big thanks to Wayne Maki for many of these links!

The Ooze Forums
Recovering Evangelical Social network (actual forum)
Ship Of Fools Discussion Boards with “heaven,” “purgatory,” and “hell.”
Church of Fools Forum
Shovel Shack
Talk Grace Discussion forum
Dropping Knowledge Generating and Distrubting Information
Radically Christian Cafe House church forums
Home Church Discussion List (archives here)
Quaker Forum
Arts & Faith

Jesus in Postmodern Context: Media Reports

Christianity, In 21st Century Clothes Lee Cowan, CBS Evening News
A force for good USA Today on the emerging church
Christianity’s Image Problem TIME Magazine on unChristian by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons
House Churches Are More Satisfying to Attend Than Are Conventional Churches The Barna Group
Anne Lamott Profile by Kim Lawton in Religion & Ethics
Read the Spirit 187: Interview with Brian McLaren
Evangelical Author Puts Progressive Spin on Traditional Faith Washington Post, On Faith
Institutions and “Bad Faith” NextReformation
Beijing House Church Pastors Forced to Cease Activity for Olympics The Christian Post
Dreams of Faith Emergent/Post Modern: YouTube
Father, Son and Holy Rift LA Times: Chuck Smith Sr. and Chuck Smith Jr., CA
Living Room Liturgy ABC News
Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock The New York Times on Greg Boyd
Christian communities try “whole-life faith” The Seattle Times
Hot Dogma: “Franks be to God!” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Twist of Faith: Emergent Church experiences Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Seeking the living wordóin their living rooms LA Times
Atlanta’s 11 Least Influential People by Andisheh Nouraee in Creative Loafing. My buddy Troy Bronsink pulls in at #6! Woo-hoo!
‘Revolutionaries’ find refuge in home churches Dayton Daily News
N.T.Wright On Faith, Washington Post
Grandpa John (Perkins) Christianity Today: Mentor to a generation of urban activists
The Unexpected Monks Boston Globe, February 3, 2008
New Monasticism in Wikipedia
Emerging Monasticism Christianity Today
Center Stage for a Pastor Where It’s Rock That Usually Rules John Leland, New York Times
Can the Emerging Church (Brian McLaren) heal the wounds of Canadian Anglicans? Ottawa Citizen
The Ordinary Radicals A documentary
YouTube Emergent Church
Church uses drama to draw new crowd; pastors with tattoos Suzanne Sataline, The Wall Street Journal
Hitting the road on a mission of true faith Manchester Evening News
Getting Hip to Religion Dave Shiflett, Wall Street Journal
Runnin’ Scared Punch-Drunk Church: Evangelicals find home in a Billyburg bar Village Voice
Monastic Evangelicals
One Punk Under God Mother Jones interview of Jay Bakker
Son of a Televangelist review of Sundance’s One Punk Under God (Jay Bakker) in Slate
Revolution Church (Jay Bakker), which “only meets in bars” MTV
Preaching Revolution In These Times
PDF – Emergent Church Conference Explores What Movement Is, Isn’t by Leslie Scanlon in The Presbyterian Outlook
Jesus Unplugged by Najeeb Hasan in Metro Santa Cruz
Hippie Shakeup: Christians were part of the 60’s, too Wall Street Journal
Metrospirituality Jacklyn Pastrano
Evangelicals Debate the Meaning of ‘Evangelical’ by Michael Luo in The New York Times
Christian Communities Try “Whole-life Faith” by Janet I. Tu in The Seattle Times
Some Bling for Your Blog Widgets for your blog; New York Times
Journey To Find Community by Diane Reynolds in Carroll County Times
Emerging Church Trend Expands, Diversifies Journalist’s resource from Religionlink
The Dude Is Back in the Building Sydney Morning Herald
Extremists For Love by Shane Claiborne in Sojourners. You have to register to look at this. (See a larger excerpt of his book, Irresistible Revolution,here)
The New Monastics by Jason Byassee in The Christian Century
The Evangelical Left Greg Boyd goes after the Religious Right; in the Daily Standard
The New Monasticism by Rob Mall. Christianity Today article about counter-cultural intentional communities in Durham, Philadelphia, and around the US
Contemporary Monasticism by Paul Chambers in Greenbelt Insight
The Christian Paradox by Bill McKibben in Harpers Magazine
Evangelical Leaders Join Global Warming Initiative by Laurie Goodstein in The New York Times
House Churches, Mission, and the Bible Jesus Creed (Orthodox)
The Emerging Church Part One and The Emerging Church Part Two by Bob Abernethy and Kim Lawton in PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (See also the Brian McLaren interview)
Q & A With Brian McLaren in the Colorado Springs Gazette
Fire Without Brimstone An amusingly titled piece by Abigail Tucker of The Baltimore Sun
Church Bickering “Uncovered” Satire from ABC News Australia
The Emerging Conversation: Unabridged from Worship Leader Magazine
Rethinking “full-time ministry” in the light of 1 Corinthians 7 The Thin Edge
10 Questions for Brian McLaren by Terry L. Heaton in Donata Communications
In Evangelical World, A Liberal View Steps Up Alex Johnson in MSNBC
Brian McLaren in Time Magazine as one of the US’s 25 “most prominent evangelicals”
New approaches to worship emerge The Boston Globe
Emerging model: A visit to Jacob’s Well (Kansas City) The Christian Century
Replacing Rallies with Revivals A Review of Greg Boyd’s The Myth of a Christian Nation by James K.A. Smith in Christianity Today
The Emergent Matrix: A New Kind of Church? Christian Century article by Scott Bader-Saye
Christian Party Animals A article about the 24/7 Prayer folks. Note: Contains some rather, er, explicit language. “The primary difference between the average Ibiza clubber and a 24/7 missionary is what gets them off.”
The Emergent Mystique Whoa-hoa! A broadening corner of alternative Christendom actually warrants a Christianity Today cover story in late 2004.
Evangelical Christianity Has Been Hijacked A Beliefnet interview with Tony Campolo
Christian Contrarian by Jean Bethke Elshtain; Time Magazine profile of Stanley Hauerwas
On Relevant and Cameron Strang. USA Today Article
Hip New Churches Pray To The Beat of A Different Drummer New York Times Article (you have to register to read it)
The New Generation Gap New York Times Article (you have to register to read it)
Generation Mother Jones
Emergent Evangelism Brian McLaren and Dwayne Litfin; Christianity Today
Church Remixed For Postmodern Culture? Adventist News Network story about Australian SDA church/conference
Listening For God: Lectio Divina A Christianity Today interview with Tony Jones
All God’s Children New York Times
PDF – The Strategy We Pursue by Brian McLaren; A presentation to the Billy Graham Evangelism Roundtable
What Bono has to say about church
Cultural Christianity by Lambert Dolphin; a pretty interesting article
Churchless Christianity: A Move of God?
Ancient Faith In A Postmodern World Marcia Ford
Pastor Mark Packs ‘Em In On Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church. By Janet I. Tu in The Seattle Times
Christianity In Chains? by Brian Kaller in the Twin Cities Pulse
The Starfish & The Spider: A Social Networking Experiment Advisor Garage
Pentecostal Evangel Interview of Earl Creps
By Faith On emerging churches, like All Souls Fellowship
Theology at the Rim of a Broken Wheel Bruce Cockburn and Christian Faith in a Postmodern World
Toward A Theological Understanding of Postmodernism Daniel J. Adams
“Vival”: What Every Church Needs!
“Christi-Anarchy” Shoot The Messenger
Anarchy and Christianity Fine Print Magazine
Seattle Times article on Native American Church & Soularize
Church Architecture by Leonard Sweet
Reflections Arising From Alternative Services and Communities
Emerging Church Notes of Stuart Murray
Jesus: The Green Man of the Bible Richard Thomas: a message given at the Pagan Federation International Conference
The Antimoderns Christianity Today
The Riddle of our Postmodern Culture Christianity Today
Alternative Worship Indiana Wesleyan University
5 Recent Worship Trends Indiana Wesleyan University
Pastors For Hire by Roger Upton: “The pastor-for-hire is a man-made deviationÖ”
The New Theologians
Post-conservative Evangelicals Greet the Postmodern Age
Mercy Seat’s punk service rocks the basement at St. Paul’s Twin Cities Daily Planet
Truth and Suffering Premise Magazine
Condemning The Unsafe Structure of Modernity Premise
Evangelical Theology and the Challenge of Postmodernism
Edgy Church Breaks Old Rules, Insists On New Ones Satirical article from Lark News
Frightened Black Family Flees PoMo Church An even funnier piece from The Holy Observer
Taking Their Faith, but not Their Politics, to the People The New York Times, June 1, 2008
The Emerging Church and Its Critics First Things Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life, May 14, 2008


Here you can find a pretty decent church. Made of flawed people certainly, but working to overcome flawed premises. What is “decent” IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion)s? Well, a church where knowing Jesus is the central focus, where grace is lived and where authenticity is cherished. And, hopefully, where fully participatory body life and community can grow. We realize that this is a tall order and we certainly haven’t visited all of these churches to be able to personally endorse them. However, we’ve been around the block a few times (putting in about 10 denominations between the two of us), so we’ve sifted through the ones that look like a nightmare even on the Web.

Find A House Church: Many of these sites have articles and content; some are simply “yellow page”-like entries. Since most house churches don’t name themselves, they’re linked here by city.

Canberra, Australia
An Anabaptist in Perth, Australia (archives)
Bournemouth, England
Chigwell, England
Adliswil, Switzerland (related to Manfred Haller)
Calgary Network of Home Churches Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Alaska Appears to no longer exist, but the webpage is still useful.
Arkadelphia House Church Arkadelphia, AR
Chandler, AZ
Phoenix Area House Churches 2.0 Phoenix, AZ
New Springs A Community Of Home Churches, Central CA
San Diego, CA Third Day Churches, Gary Goodell
Brothers and Sisters in Jacksonville, FL Meet-up
Jacksonville, FL Chris Pridham, Simple Church
Marietta, GA Break Bread Ministries
Atlanta, GA
Tampa Underground Network Tampa, FL
Southern U.S.
Lewiston-Auburn, ME
Salem, MA
Liberty, MO The Church of Liberty: “No Steeple, Just People”
Wellspring Church Charlotte, NC “experiment”
Layman Theology James G., Alexandria, VA
In His Presence NY
New York, NY Bronx Fellowship of Christ
Oxford, OH Veritas Church
Cincinnati, OH Vineyard
Philadelphia, PA Donald Graves, spiritual entrepreneur
House 2 House Dallas, OR
Clarksville, TN The Way Home Fellowship: New Millenium Churching
The Woodlands, TX The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ: David D. Flowers
Virginia Home Church Network

Find a Home Church Anywhere in the World–Searchable Home Church Registries:

Home Church Network
House Church Central
Directory of Simple Churches in the UK
Church Life Neighborhood Communities Around 25 worldwide. I (Mike) live in one.

Post Church?

As finding and forming faith continues to morph in the 21st century, we’re becoming aware of a phenomenon that has always been with us: Christians, both passionate and puzzled, who are moving beyond existing church structures of any kind. Dubbed “basement church” and “subconscious church” by some and “de-churched” by others, here is a concise but significant collection of sites exploring this reality.

Letters From Leavers An open-source forum to share your leaving story
Spirited Exchanges New Zealand
Spirited Exchanges UK
A Churchless Faith (unrelated) blog
Jon’s Post-Church Journey

Mystery Messiah Ursa Smaller
Signs and Wonders (See also here)
Leaving Church A memoir by Barbara Brown Taylor (reviews here and here)
Leaving Church A ‘blog musing by Andrew Jones
Beyond Church Walls
De-Conversion “Resources for skeptical, de-converting, or former Christians”
Holy Blasphemy
Revolution in Jesusland Zack Exley in DC
X-ATI Guy A blog by and for those seeking healing from Bill Gothard’s “ATI” organization, a particularly virulent form of Christian fundamentalism


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