New DOWNLOADS This Week [2016 – January 25th]


Note: I offer free material not to circumvent paying, but rather as an introduction to new authors, researchers, and ideas. So Please buy go out and buy these books, Nothing beats the real thing, if you are like me, I use the e-books for my phone/laptop while I’m away from home, but at home, the best and easiest way to research is by having a physical copy…


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Baker, Russ – Family of Secrets New! [PDF DOWNLOAD]







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Visit Jim DiEugenio’s Site. Link Below. Great information and more articles written by him and other Researchers. Destiny Betrayed is a great book.





RIP Dave McGowan….. I always enjoyed listening to you on various Podcasts and Radio Programs.



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Check out David Talbot’s new book “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA, and The Rise of America’s Secret Government”

I’m currently reading it, just bought it about two weeks ago and so far it has not been disappointing. Anyone interested in understanding who the man, Allen Dulles was, and more importantly how someone who has been gone for close to 50 years can still have a major influence over America today needs to pick this book up….. Click on Front Cover above for amazon link.


Coming Soon!

  • Extended Audio Collection of JFK HSCA Testimony Featuring:


  • Blahut, Regis
  • Carrico, Dr. James
  • Coleman, William
  • Connally, John and Nellie
  • Ebersole, Dr. John
  • Fincke, Dr. Pierre
  • Ford, Gerald
  • Groden, Robert
  • Helms, Richard
  • Humes, James with Boswell, J. Thornton
  • Jarman, James
  • Katzenbach, Nicholas
  • Kirk, Cecil
  • Knudsen, Robert
  • Lipsey, Richard
  • Lovelady, Billy
  • Oliver, Beverly
  • Ortero, Juan Niles
  • Oswald, Marina
  • O’Toole, George
  • Perry, Malcolm
  • Rankin, J. Lee
  • Robinson, Thomas E
  • Rodriguez, Juan Niles Ortero
  • Shields, Edward
  • Shires, Dr. George
  • Studivan, Dr. Larry
  • Valencia, Pedro Gutierrez [1978-June 5]
  • Van Hoesen, John
  • Wecht, Cyril
  • AND MORE!!!


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