[A]-Audio Books


[A] Dan Brown – Angels & Demons
[A] Dan Brown – Da Vinci Code
[A] Dan Brown – Digital Fortress
[A] Dan Brown – Inferno
[A] David Baldacci The Collectors [1-2]
[A] David Baldacci The Forgotten [1-2]
[A] Dean Koontz 77 Shadow Street
[A] George Orwell – 1984
[A] Ira Levin – Rosemary’s Baby
[A] Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse-five
[A] Michael Chricton – AirFrame
[A] Michael Chricton – Jurassic Park
[A] Michael Chricton – Next
[A] Michael Chricton – Rising Sun
[A] Michael Chricton – The Lost World
[A] Michael Chricton – The Terminal Man
[A] Neal Stephenson – Cryptonomicon [1-4]
[A] Neal Stephenson – Seveneves [1-3]
[A] Neal Stephenson – Snow Crash
[A] Peter Benchley – Jaws
[A] Suzanne Collins – Book 1. Hunger Games
[A] Suzanne Collins – Book 2. Catching Fire
[A] Suzanne Collins – Book 3. Mockingjacy
[A] Umberto Eco – The Name Of The Rose [1-2]
[A] Upton Sinclair – THE JUNGLE
[A] William S. Burroughs – Junky
[A] William Gibson – Neuromancer




I – Caro, Robert – Lyndon B. Johnson:   Path To Power [Audio] NEW!!
II -Caro, Robert – Lyndon B. Johnson:  Means of Ascent [Audio] NEW!!
III – Caro, Robert – Lyndon B. Johnson:  Master of The Senate [Audio] NEW!!
IV – Caro, Robert – Lyndon B. Johnson:  The Passage of Power [Audio] NEW!!
[A] Black, Jonathon – The Secret History of the World
[A] Bramley, William – Gods of Eden [1-3]
[A] Bugliosi, Vincent – Helter Skelter
[A] Childress, David Hatcher – Technology of The Gods [1-4]
[A] Cooper,William – Behold a Pale Horse
[A] Douglass, James W – JFK and The Unspeakable
[A] Hall, Manly P – The Secret Destiny of America [1-20]
[A] History of The United States Vol 1-5
[A] Einstein, Albert – Theory of Relativity_Quantum Mechanics – Astrophysics
[A] Joeseph, Frank – The Lost Worlds of Ancient America [1-3]
[A] POWERS, MELVIN – Practical Guide To Self-Hypnosis
[A] Sitchin, Zechariah – The 12th Planet
[A] Sitchin, Zechariah – The End of Days [1-3]
[A] Sitchin, Zechariah – There Were Giants Upon the Earth [1-4]
[A] Sitchin, Zechariah – The Lost Book of Enki [1-3]
[A] Sitchin, Zechariah –
[A] Sun Tzu – The Art of War
[A] Stone, Oliver – The Untold History of the United States
[A] The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper
[A] The Autobiography of Malcolm X
[A] The Communist Manifesto
[A] The Story of Atlantis and Lemuria (The Mystic History of Human Evolution)
[A] Wright Mabie, Hamilton – MYTHS EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW















Hardy, Grant – Sacred Texts of The World: Course Guidebook


Lect01 Reading Other Peoples Scriptures
Lect02 Hinduism and the Vedas
Lect03 What Is Heard Upanishads
Lect04 What Is Remembered Epics
Lect05 Laws of Manu and Bhagavad Gita
Lect06 Related Traditions Sikh Scriptures
Lect07 Judaism People of the Book
Lect08 Five Books of Torah
Lect09 Prophets and Writings
Lect10 Apocrypha and Dead Sea Scrolls
Lect11 Oral Torah Mishnah and Talmud
Lect12 Related Traditions Zoroastrian Scriptures
Lect13 The Three Baskets of Buddhism
Lect14 Vinaya and Jataka
Lect15 Theravada Sutras
Lect16 Mahayana Sutras
Lect17 Pure Land Buddhism and Zen
Lect18 Tibetan Vajrayana
Lect19 Related Traditions Jain Scriptures
Lect20 Five Confucian Classics
Lect21 Four Books of Neo-Confucianism
Lect22 Daoism and the Daodejing
Lect23 The Three Caverns of Daoist Scriptures
Lect24 Related Traditions Shinto and Tenrikyo
Lect25 Christian Testaments Old and New
Lect26 Gospels and Acts
Lect27 Letters and Apocalypse
Lect28 Apocryphal Gospels
Lect29 Related Traditions Mormon Scriptures
Lect30 Islam and Scriptural Recitation
Lect31 Holy Quran
Lect32 Hadith and Sufism
Lect33 Related Traditions Bahai Scriptures
Lect34 Abandoned Scriptures Egyptian and Mayan
Lect35 Secular Scripture U.S. Constitution
Lect36 Heavenly Books, Earthly Connections



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