JFK Assassination: People To Know

US Government Employees & Witnesses

 -White House
 -Secret Service Agents
 -CIA (Known Employees and Suspected Agents)
 -Other Agencies and Witnesses
 -Warren Commission, HSCA, and AARB Lawyers and Staff

New Orleans, Louisiana

-Louisiana State Employees
-New Orleans Municipality Employees (including DA Office)
-Oswald Associates/Suspects/Notable People
-Oswald Family, Friends, and Former Marine Partners
-Witnesses to Oswald/Shaw Conspirators

Dallas, Texas

-Texas State Employees
-Dallas Municipality Employees
-Dallas Law Enforcement
-Dallas Doctors (Parkland Hospital)
-Dallas Oswald/Ruby Witnesses/Notable People
-Texas School Book Depository Employees
-Assassination Witnesses
          - JFK Assassination 
          - Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippitt Killing
          - Oswald Arrest
          - Miscellaneous Witnesses

Experts, Researchers & Other Witnesses

-Expert Witnesses
-Miscellaneous Witnesses



Nikita Kruschev – Former USSR Premiere

Kennedy, Vietnam and The Coup That Killed Diem and Was Supposed to Kill Kennedy

Ngo Dien DiemNgo Dien Diem

-Former Leader of South Vietnam who was Killed following a CIA backed coup behind the back and against the wishes of President Kennedy. This happened 3 weeks before JFK was killed but actually happened day before the Chicago plot to kill Kennedy. And an eerie article foretelling the future was posted by Richard Starnes in the Washington Post the same week stated  that a “very high American official” in Saigon who “likened the CIA’s growth to a malignancy, and added he was not sure even the White House could control it any longer”[1]

President Kennedy had read Starne’s article closely. He was so disturbed by it that he brought it up in the October 2nd, 1963 meeting of the National Security Council. He also cited an unnamed U.S. official who spoke of a possible CIA coup in Washington. The official said prophetically, the month before the JFK assassination, “If the United States ever experiences a Seven Days in May[the novel envisioning a military takeover of the U.S. government], it will come from the CIA, and not the pentagon[4]. In the light of Lodge’s telegram five days later, the president may have wondered if Starne’s unnamed source in Saigon was none other than Henry Cabot Lodge, Kennedy’s rival from Massachusetts and Ambassador of Vietnam.