JFK: Dallas, Texas

Below is a picture of Dealey Plaza, from an angle not usually shown, because this angle really makes you ask a certain question. So For arguments sake:

What corresponding number would be the best and most accurate place to shoot someone if you were Positioned Where The Blue Dot is in the Upper Corner of the Building with the Big Hertz sign on top and the red Line is President Kennedy’s Motorcade Route. Anyone with any brain would say you would have the best possible chance of a hit with numbers 1,2, or 3. With 4 and 5 being the most difficult shots to take. According to the Warren Commission Lee Harvey Oswald  decided to wait til the President was behind trees (The Trees were there in 1963) and driving away to take his first shot.

Where Would You Shoot

Just Wanted to Get That little Idea into your mind….. Now to the reason you are here…..

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