JFK:Experts, Researchers & Other Witnesses

Expert Witnesses and Experts of Recent Day




Brussell, Mae She was one of the first people to openly question the Warren Commissions conclusion. You can download her shows on my site by Clicking Here
Douglas, James W. Author of JFK and The Unspeakable: Why He died and Why it Matters

Fonzi, Gaeton

  Author of Last Investigation

Hepburn, James

  Author/Researcher – Farewell America
Holland, Max ARRB Testimony Advocate for disclosures of the Assassination Records


Janney, Peter

  Author/Researcher: Mary’s Mosaic: The Conspiracy To Murder John F. Kennedy

Jones, Penn

  Authored a Newsletter The Continuing Inquiry and an Essay entitled The Disappearing Witnesses. One of The First JFK researchers.
Judge, John ARRB Testimony Executive Secretary of the Coalition on Political Assassinations
Kelly, William ARRB Testimony Co-Founder of the Committee for an open archives
Kurtz, Michael L. ARRB Testimony History Professor, Author of CRIME OF THE CENTURY
Lane, Mark WC Testimony 1, 2 Lawyer, author of PLAUSIBLE DENIAL, RUSH TO JUDGMENT. He was the Lawyer, Post Mortem, For Lee Harvey Oswald, and the First Reseacher to question the Warren Commission. He even coined the term “Grassy Knoll” quoted from witness Jean Hill.

He can be heard on several interviews on the AudioVisual Page on Audio Page Brent Holland/NightFright and Coast to Coast AM.




Lertzman, Richard

  Author/Researcher along with Bill Birnes, Who himself has a long list of Books, authored Dr. Feelgood: The Shocking Story of the Doctor Who May Have Changed History
Lifton, David ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher
Mack, Gary ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher.

Person who claimed advanced idea of Grassy Knoll Shooter through photographic evidence. Even States so in the series “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” (See John F. Kennedy AudioVisual Section)

However, after being offered and accepting job at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, He quickly changed his position to that of the Warren Commission. A Sad case, He is now deceased and his legacy is now one of being of someone who sold their opinion for money and a job.

Marrs, Jim ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher.

Author of Crossfire: The Plot To Kill John F. Kennedy

I have several interviews in the audio section.

McLaughlin John ARRB Testimony AKA John Bevilaqua, assassination researcher
Melanson, Philip ARRB Testimony Author, SPY SAGA
Meros Thomas ARRB Testimony Dallas visit May 1992 with Dee McCarell
Milam, Wallace ARRB Testimony Assassination Researcher

Morningstar, Robert

  Researcher and always on the Radio Circuit. Look in Audio section. He is commonly on Coast to Coast AM and Far Out Radio
Newman, John ARRB Testimony Member of COPA and Author of Oswald and The CIA

Prouty, Col. L. Fletcher


  Former Air Force Colonel Who worked amongst the most powerful People in America in the Late 50s to Early 60s as the CIA’s contact person in the Air Force, and helped Allen Dulles set up his “Secret Government” in different branches of government. Prouty admits he was not fully aware of the impact the creation would have on the future of America.

Prouty Authored – “The Secret Team” and “JFK”

Several of His interviews are in the audio section and the Kennedy AudioVisual Section.


Ramsey, Robin

  Author/Researcher – Who Shot JFK?

Roffman, Howard

  Author/Researcher – Presumed Guilty
Russell, Dick ARRB Testimony
Salerno Ralph HSC Testimony Expert on the mob
Scott, Peter Dale ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher.
Shackelford, Martin ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher.


Sprague, Richard

  Author/Researcher: The Taking of America 1.2…3….

 Talbot, David

  Author/Researcher of Several Books including the The Devils Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA, and The Rise of Americas Secret Government


Waldron, Lamar

  Author of The Hidden History of The JFK Assassination
Weatherly, Daryl ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher
White, Jack D. HSC Testimony Assassination researcer.
Wilson, Thomas ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher.
Zaid, Mark S. ARRB Testimony Assassination researcher